Sale inspired TP grind..yet again!

24 Jun

Its been almost a week since my last post (excluding the previous frisbee post!)…

RW has been messing with LOTRO life as well as work…

I have had wife nursing duties as well as extended son exposure! Nr1 and Nr2 sons took it in turns to disrupt my early morning sessions and my poor wife used my evenings!

Wife getting better and so back to work 🙂

Back to TP grinding:

Two new characters prepared and ready to on Landroval, Tsuhhere, Champion (another to come soon…a Captain is needed!) and the other on Silverlode, Llucyd, Champion.

Playing these young champs reminded me just how fast they are at cutting up the low level mobs.

So what is this week’s cunning plan?

Answer, get as much TP as possible to purchase a new area – Trollshaws or Evendim?

How: grind, grind, grind! And yet more grinding, mostly around Bree!


If I manage to get half of the above by Friday morning I will be happy…

TsuhCapt  is not the name decided upon for my new Landroval Captain, its also an rp server…


4 Responses to “Sale inspired TP grind..yet again!”

  1. Adrian Tan June 24, 2013 at 23:49 #

    Welcome back =) The champ on Landy should make the grinding go very quickly =)

    • tsuhelm June 25, 2013 at 07:16 #

      Well if he doesn’t become a distraction, This morning spent an hour chopping up stuff around Bree after I logged in to get hobbit present!

      Tailor only going to be useful for med armour up to lv20! 😦
      Armourer for my Captain I think…

  2. NaktiesKarys June 25, 2013 at 04:31 #

    Evendim only! As for me – the best choice. Lots of quests/deeds, very easy to grind reputation items (that will be used by your other toons) and also very crafter-friendly area (at least for my Prospector – lots of metal). As for Trollshaws, i have heared mostly negative comments (and I have never considered to purchase this region).
    A pity none of your toons are on Withwywindle: we could just do all slayer deeds in one day, no matter how “big” your toon is. ..

    • tsuhelm June 25, 2013 at 07:09 #

      well I can always pop over to Withwywindle 🙂

      I am busy at the mo with next goal of joining captain Landroval…LOL…

      After that I think it is time I visit With Why Windle! TP grinding nicey…TP grinding teams…even nicer 🙂

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