Horse Rustling due to LOTRO Lottery!

26 Jun

To begin with I must say thanks to Turbine and I think that I heard through the grapevine, that is CStM, that I should be thanking Sapience specifically as he does all the graft (Manually!…) for the Lottery win:

Completely Steal These Mounts

Ended 06/25/2013 04:05PM EDT

Tordy Lvl 22 Lore-master, Windfola

Arwynneth Lvl 33 Champion, Windfola

Opopa Lvl 11 Burglar, Laurelin

6 stolen mounts, new title should be horse rustlers! 

So good start to the day!

I checked in on Arwynneth and found out that she is busy in Lone Lands with lots to do…

She hacked and slashed giant spiders under Minas Eriol, cutting out eyes, burning bodies and collecting spider cocooned treasure! Blended smaller spidy brethen when encountered and quite speedily did the first part of Spider slayer deed. After finding her way out of this little spiders den and selling all junk collected in Forsaken Inn, she handed in quests at the Eglain Camp just North of Minas Eriol.

With 1 quest needed for 2nd part of Lonely path deed she went off to kill Nishruk the elite goblin leader. Arwynneth actually used her Elven stealth ability for the first time to avoid some gobs, it would have been quicker to slaughter em as she crept by them so slowly. Nishruk was no match for Arwynneth’s glorified wall of blades (deed also completed!) so returned to complete walk down that path that is lonely…only 1 final stretch of loneliness to go…

20TP in the bag…check store for total…402TP available…check sale for price of Evendim….476 needed…oh dear 54tp needed still. Er…4 more LOTRO sessions available: 2 almost guaranteed morning slots of 1-1.5 hour and 2 less likely late evening slots, wife and kid dependent!

Prospects:  Looking ok...

In fact I have so much going on in LOTRO at the moment it is a bit confusing. I have uncollected post, sales, crafting ongoing, Dyort is half way round a Rich Iron harvest, lost in East of Esteldin, Tsuhelm is crafting also in Esteldin, close to guild of woodworkers…but can probably move back to Bree for a while. Tordy is on AH duty in Bree and Waywnn is running around Bree wrapping up Men of Bree quests…and contributing to TP grind.

Opopa is in Michel Delving, collecting presents and now stealing horses…a right little burgler he is! I hope he is not spending too much in the Bird n Baby!

Luflaf AH duty, Llucyd is also Bree questing and deeding…TP grinding!

Tsuhhere is ALSO around Bree questing and deeding, new swords should help, as would better armour…TP grinding!

Hopefully there is nothing for me in the next LOTRO store sale as I would like to clean up a bit…this weekend is wrap up time and next week I would like to focus on just 1 or 2 chars…

Well lets see…

Fingers crossed for the waffle weekend from CStM…


‘The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath,

The drums will shake the castle wall, the ring wraiths ride in black, Ride on.’

The Battle of Evermore – Led Zeppelin


2 Responses to “Horse Rustling due to LOTRO Lottery!”

  1. Chocoholic June 26, 2013 at 10:40 #

    Wow, your slaves are very busy! Congrats again on all the horses! I love it when such things happen 🙂
    I can almost see Arwynneth sneaking around those goblins. I think that’s one quest Sheherezi still has to do, but I’m not sure. I’ve done so many quests in the Lone Lands! And apparently with a well-geared guardian it’s quite easy to do. Just have to avoid those lvl 55 half-orcs I almost ran into with lvl 26. Carefully navigating in between the orcs and some prowlers, I managed to keep her alive and running well.
    Crafting is good! I still need to build up my prospectors, but I’m looking forward to that. Currently I’m leveling another farmer. And wow, training crafting does give a hell of a lot of experience. She’s gained, I think, about 4 levels from farming alone. Now I see what people mean when they say you can get a character on level cap with only crafting.
    Questing, deeding, crafting…. Busy Bees in Lottro 😀
    I hope everything’s okay again with your wife and kids? I was sorry to hear your wife had fallen ill. Kids duty ain’t always easy with a sick partner…..
    Good luck with everything!

    • tsuhelm June 26, 2013 at 11:13 #

      Thanks for all the well wishes…wifey is back on feet as I am back at work 😦 but that also means I can blog again 🙂

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