LOTRO: outta pub, nabbed some flowers and DIDN’T die!

27 Jun

This morning Opopa staggered out of the bird and baby and outbid others in the Auction House for some new equipment…he almost went out on an adventure but he decided that later it might rain and his wooden leg would act up so hopped back into the B&B for another pint…he is living off the generosity of the hobbits who just keep on giving: really 16 ‘10% speed scrolls’…cor he will be zipping around on 1 leg for ages, if he ever stops partying!

TsuHHere bought some new jewellery and headed out to wrap up part 2(adv.) of Bree Land Adventurer by helping out those friendly Hobbits in Staddle. Oh what fun: kill some boars, collect some flowers, kill some bears run back and forth as matchmaker, steal back stolen weed. Now ready for final part and then fly and neeker slayer deeds in the swamp!

Waywnn also nearing the end of the 2nd part of Bree Land Adventurer…but in Southfields (he skipped low Bree levels to go direct to Ered Luin – in hindsight a mistake!), so killed some boars, killed some bandits (adv slayer deed!), collected metal, hides and lost papers…got to lv20.

Waywynn was rewarded with Undying title for er…not having died! The first time I have ever got it…not so appreciated if you read the forums

A mild morning of LOTRO: 25TP, 30more needed…

Outlook: easy

‘One final heart-break
And blinding lights will guide our way
Free us our blind state
They will call us by our name


Undying – Demon Hunter


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