LOTRO, Warden raising Fist in Air, Evendim is ground out!

28 Jun

‘Raise your fist in the air- Raise your fist
Raise your hands up higher- hands up high
Raise your fist in the air- Raise your fist
We are hounds, hounds of fire.’

Doro (German Rock diva!)

Week’s TP grind done!

Waywnn trudged it out last night what should have been a blast turned into a slog… should have skipped lots of quests while wrapping up north of Bree, Orc slaying Deeds, part 3 (final) Bree land adventurer and the Dunuden deed for 40TP – 3TP more than needed to get Evendim Area.

Waywnn, levelled to 21, Wardens are tough and fun to play but really wish they had more of a AoE effect! Slowly learning the combinations, and they do slowly beat down any crowd of admiring fans! I was even getting 6 or 7 Orcs beaten down at a time last night and walking away, more slowly than my champ but much more interactive!

Gather up a mob of mobs and then Fist, Fist, GOAD, Fist, Shield, WAR CRY, then let loose with whatever! (at this stage I don’t think it matters, always trying to get unfinished class deed gambits first.)

WARDEN research links:





Waywnn is a fist waver! Lot of screaming as well, have to make sure the volume is low or wake up kids!

After late night for slow TP grind I treated myself to a sleep in, so got up at 420am…

Was actually busy just logging in to all chars and checking post, hobbit presents and what on earth they were up to….

Big clean up this weekend…will try to keep active chars to a minimum otherwise I just confuse myself…today I had to log into Tsuhhere twice to check stuff.

Evendim and Angmar to be explored: amazed to find that Tsuhelm and Dyort had already started with 2 and 3 quests, respectively, completed under the Wanderer of Evendim…odd that!

The LOTRO world keeps expanding 🙂

‘Our history speaks in thunder from a thousand village halls
In blood and sweat and sacrifice, in honouring every call
So the forces gathered against the thorn a-piercing in their side
A brave new world is beckoning…’

Charge – New Model Army

Life is good…and I have 3TP to spend!



4 Responses to “LOTRO, Warden raising Fist in Air, Evendim is ground out!”

  1. gloredh June 28, 2013 at 11:17 #

    congratz on unlocking Evendim! It is a great area, beautiful landscape, relaxing music and fun storyline and quests, you’ll have a great time there 🙂

  2. HeadBurro Antfarm July 4, 2013 at 08:19 #

    I found the change to masteries a little hard at first – you spend an age building up muscle memory for one set of pattern only to have it all thrown out – always seemed odd that part.

    • tsuhelm July 4, 2013 at 09:22 #

      still in the muscle stage …when will the memory kick in…

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