Tidying up!

2 Jul

The weekend was a bit of a blow out with regards to LOTRO 😦

RW intervened, that happens with a wife and 2 sons!

I did start the tidying up that I had promised myself, having 9 chars (soon to be 10, Captain Landroval project) can get very hectic and messy. I even started a little help sheet to record where I am for each char.

Waywnn has been playing around in the Tuckborough skirmish and is now lv22 (same as Tordy who has been less active but essential as AH buyer and seller in Bree crafting hall!) Tsuhelm is crafting in Esteldin, close to Woodworker Guild, he has been upgrading Waywynn’s spears and javelins when needed.

Dyort completed another dwarven quest in North Downs and managed to level Thorins Hall rep to first rank! He then headed into Angmar to complete Wyrm slayer…easy…slowly working on class deeds…started a new one today…athlete! Well er…OK…use winged feeties 150 times…not so hard…To wrap up I needed to take down the ‘Mother Drake’ all was going well when suddenly ‘Naglangon’ landed on Dyort’s head and suddenly, the tide of battle shifted, and Dyort was gone! It was a nice surprise, LOTRO threw me something different, I returned and defeated the Mother Drake and hopped back to Esteldin. I found a sturdy key in pending, opened one of many chests for a necklace of Auroch, poorer than the one the one he has, so off to AH with it.

With the Rich Iron Ore that Dyort had collected and Tordy had bought in AH I finally got Waywnn to Artisan prospecting level so I could refine my dwarf iron ingots into steel so that I can create ‘Heavy Dwarf Steel Plates’ to send to Tsuhelm for guild craft recipes…[as I did this realised that Dyort could have done this for Waywnn ages ago…OOPS!]

Tsuhelm will soon be churning out Lebethron guild bows for sale…good as he needs to buy Black Ash to progress in the Woodworking Guild!

Arwynneth is still out in the Lone Lands…enjoying the silence.

Luflaf and Llucyd are calm on Silverlode.

Tsuhhere is relaxing on Landroval, waiting for his Captain’s arrival.

Opopa, well is doing what a one legged hobbit burgler does best in Michel Delving, which is nothing at all other than relaxing in the Bird and Baby. This little hobbit has a charmed life, a present everyday and he even just won a lottery, so sword will go to AH and travel scrolls will make it easy to get around if he ever goes anywhere! Laurelin, I apologize in advance for my hobbit causing any trouble in the Shire, he surely will!

‘The birds are frozen in their flight
Trapped within the thunder light

A storm is rising…’

The Knights of the Black Sun – Amebix

Lots of new exploration coming soon…


3 Responses to “Tidying up!”

  1. HeadBurro Antfarm July 4, 2013 at 08:14 #

    Hell’s teeth mate! How the devil do you keep them all going? I had 6 and 4 of those were mainly crafters and that all but sent me dolally 😀

    • tsuhelm July 4, 2013 at 09:21 #

      time-sink…hits me on the head!
      I don’t know sometimes… and I try NOT to play em all….

  2. Chocoholic July 4, 2013 at 10:57 #

    Wow, you’ve been quite active despite RW intervention! Congrats on all your achievements!

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