LOTRO: A lot more chasing and a ton of bandits!

16 Jul

Tsudyrt continues the chase after Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #3

Chetwood South

Picture inspired by recent lotro’ing

It was a great weekend for LOTRO; Friday night a small session (had missed the morning session due to alarm failure!), Saturday nice long morning session and then sublime Sunday and normal Monday morning before work!

Sublime Sunday

5 to 9 AM: 3and a half hours of uninterrupted LOTRO, no sons waking up and demanding attention (the half was for coffee and toilette!).

16 to 17 PM: 2 hours of wife and son free LOTRO, house to myself – volume up and beer! The wife had taken Nr1 and Nr2 sons to a bday party (lost 1 hour to housework but crafted while doing this!).

22 to 00 AM(PM? witching hour…midnight!): 2 more hours of LOTRO, kids sleeping and wife exhausted from coping with my lovely monsters at the aforementioned party!

Focused on Landroval and was able to get Tsudyrt to lv20, heavy armour time :)…as well as weaponsmithing and prospecting crafting Journeyman and Apprentice tiers!

Tsuhhere, in support, crafted from lv12 to lv14, almost finished Apprentice tier of Tailor.

Zig and Zag travelling continued, running back and forth, yo-yo’ing around.

Combe to Bree to Combe to Chetwood South (again and again) to Combe to Staddle to Chetwood North to Bree…

Bandits, Boars, Bears, Wolves, Spiders and lots more bandits. Copper and tin ore nodes and light hides collected.

Lv15 went to Bree to track down Captain Trainer.

Bree to Southern Bree-Fields, Brigand’s Watch, to kill an Oath Breaker, I realized once there I should have waited to combine with the maid rescuing quest that was coming up. Anyway was a doddle, back to Bree to claim a new Halberd.

Bree, Prancing Pony for Epic Quests and wow Strider sends Tsudyrt back to Combe! More bandits taken care of, Tsudyrt refuses to go to Buckland just now and decides to head to the Grimbriar’s House and starts the Bandit and Sword quests from there.

Southern Bree-Fields to Bree to Southern Bree-Fields…

Grimbriars’s House and Thornley’s Work Site for quests about a sword and er…bandits. Edge into Northern Bree-Fields before going back to Grimbriar’s and around and around, quick visit to Bree to off-load and back again. All wrapped up, maiden rescued and stolen goods returned. Lots of Boars and Bears, heaps of bandits!

Southern Bree-Fields to Andrath to Bree…

Grimbriar send Tsudyrt to find Scouts in the South, Andrath, South-Guard Ruins, he even stumbles into a burial mound here that takes him to visit Barrow Downs South. Kill Nekkers, Boars and more bandits some of them Half orc bandits, and some wights and barghests…

Southern Bree Fields to Brandy Hills to Old Forest to Southern Bree Fields to Northern Bree-Fields…

Back to Grimbriar’s, to Adso’s Camp, a small adventure in the Old Forest to Bree to Saerdan’s Cabin to Andreg at Old Greenway Fort. As well as boars, bears and lots n lots of wolves; yet more bandits! Back to Bree lv19, lots of crafting to lv20. Heavy armour bought and equipped, even better set ready for lv22! Super new Savage sword bought on AH. Tsudyrts jewelry needs upgrading, he doesn’t have a pocket item equipped at all! Tsuhhere crafts a minor reinforced Maid-at-arms Armament: +150 armour for Kateerbob [Clue..Blackadder…]

Bree to Nourthern Bree-Fields to Bree.

Boars, Bears, wolves and lots of Orcs! Wrap up all quests here, Orc slayer deeds done – super fast. Back to Andreg to who sends Tsudyrt back to kill more Orcs and oh yeah more Bandits! Lv21 nearly 22 back into Bree. I left him crafting his way to lv22…I had to go to work…


Thoughts on Captain Tsudyrt

He is doing great although the amount of time devoted to him has annoyed the wife a wee bit!

The Captain in conjunction with his herald is chopping through large groups of mobs, I think I took out 10 orcs…just! Not as fast as Champion and takes more damage as the mobs are taken down 1 at a time ( champ takes them down simultaneously!)

I wish Tsudyrt had 1 more attack skill, even the racial upper cut would be useful (that is a first!)…really getting stuck and having to wait for cool downs…a little frustrating.

Rescue missions are much easier with a captain as the Enemy Defeat Response heal also heals them, not been scared at all about the stupid NPCs…


Midgewater, Bree Land exploration, Barrow Downs, Shire and Ered Luin: only for essential deeds not really levelling…

Captain Landroval is waiting for Tsudyrt At the end of Lone Lands, almost there…


‘[What is it?

It’s it ] *7

What is it?


You want it all, but you can’t have it

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)

It’s in your face, but you can’t grab it

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)


[[It’s it

What is it?]*3

 (Yeah, yeah, yeah)]*4’

Epic – Faith No More


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