Tidying up after vacation 2!

30 Jul

The holiday is over, and was quite successful in a non LOTRO way! I am now back at work, in fact very busy at work…

I did manage to do some early morning LOTRO’ing everyday but just one major evening session in 10 days!

TsuDyrtCaptain Landroval project has eaten up most of my time available, finally arrived to Lone Lands…own Post coming soon 🙂 Has being doing Tucky skirmishes- tier 2 without any problem, am tempted to try a tier 3…his Archer and Herald do most of the work. Almost lv30!

Waywnn has been playing around in the Tuckborough skirmish and is now lv25

Tordy  AH buyer and seller in Bree crafting hall! New major addiction is to check AH for bargain reputation Items, have now got Tordy to Kindred with Mathom society and could get Waywnn as well but holding back as he has yet to do my Shire TP grind! Also all Rep items for all factions are picked up if the price in right 🙂

Tsuhelm is crafting in Esteldin, close to Woodworker Guild, Tsuhelm will soon be churning out Lebethron and Yew guild bows for sale…good as he needs to feed his wood needs! Ilex wood needed now!

Dyort is not doing much at all: Crafts batches of Gondarion Swords when cheep Rich Ore is found on sale…

Arwynneth is still out in the Lone Lands…enjoying the silence.

Luflaf is hobbit presenting and his TP grinding friend, Llucyd is sleeping on Silverlode.

Tsuhhere is still relaxing on Landroval, his Captain is busy and shifting hides to him ready to be crafted!

Opopa,  is STILL doing what a one legged hobbit burgler does best in Michel Delving, which is nothing at all other than relaxing in the Bird and Baby. This little hobbit has a charmed life, a present everyday, Laurelin, I apologize in advance for my hobbit causing any trouble in the Shire, he surely will!



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