Happiness in LOTRO

2 Aug

The Lotteries are BACK 🙂


Tsuhhere just won: Silver, Purple Fireworks, Rabbit Festival Mask, and a Sun Hat

New Website: I like the look and the illustrations are much better!

Forum: yet to try…been occupied on kinship to be (I hope) website…maybe they will reject me for all the stupidities I have dropped on them 🙂

Other than that it is now weekend…


Tsuhelm will go out into Misty Mountains and actually take some quests, while collecting Black Ash logs…

Tsudryt will continue his social adventures on Landroval.

What have I learnt this week in LOTRO?

Windfola LOTRO is SOLO

Landroval LOTRO is SOCIAL

Both have a time and place.

Happy I am. 



One Response to “Happiness in LOTRO”

  1. tsuhelm August 2, 2013 at 15:36 #

    Ah looks like all my chars won, except Captain Tsudryt – he is missing in action!

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