SH! I joined the secret ‘Council of the Secret Fire’

6 Aug

Please don’t tell anyone!

Kinship for Tsudryt sorted at last.

“You cannot pass. I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass!” –Olorin, Maiar of Manwe, aka Mithrandir, aka Gandalf the Grey

Landroval’s social side continues to surprise: got into a 30 min chat with my new found Armourer (Elemendria), solid defender guild heavy armour set received: much cheaper than AH. Our communications have been very RP letters, really enjoyable! Now she has connected me up with a jeweler.

This was the first evening session I have had for about a week and things were going great! Tsudryt finally got accepted ingame into ‘The Council of the Secret Fire’ kinship, Captain Landroval is also a member.

Then I decided to move kids into their proper beds, Nr1 was aleep in Nr2’s bed, and Nr2 had fallen asleep next to my wifey. This done I accidentally disturbed my wife, who awoke and at first was quite pleasant and sent me back to LOTRO while she tried to continue sleeping. 15 minutes later she stormed into the living room and demanded to know why I had woken her up, she struggles to get back to sleep some days and now I knew it would be an impossibility for her to sleep, me to play LOTRO and either of us to have a nice evening!

The night was horrible and I woke late, so time only for hobbit prezzie jig, then Tsuhelm quick pew pew of bog, sorry, snow prowlers and task items turn-in to Dwarf camp found up a mountain in misty mountains where it is not very misty! Then Tsudryt continued his Trait reinforcement run of Ered Luin which has turned into a full TP run…so easy…2 pulling shouts and 1 Herald pull in the under level mobs which can be dispatched with one attack…only Spider slayer and couple of Exploration deeds left to do.

Time for work…

Shire next me thinks, must squash some slugs, determination needed!

The Council of the Secret Fire is an order established long ago by the spark of the Istari when they first came to Middle Earth.

Before they each went about their separate duties, they put forth among a select few dedicated heroes to form this Council. Their duties are simple but of grave importance. To recruit other heroes across all reaches of Middle Earth and lead them to confront any and all advances of The Shadow. [AND SLUGS!]

The Council of the Secret Fire has operated long without the knowledge of the populous at large. Only a special dedicated few are called to its vocation. The members travel far and wide to face The Enemy wherever there is need. Their ties are no longer just to their families or townships, but rather now to all of Arda.


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