Tilting at Windmills: LOTRO website/forum

8 Aug

“Our luck could not be better”, says Don Quixote to Sancho Panza as he notices the windmills on a ridge in the fields, “see those immense giants against who I intend to wage battle and whose lives I will take in order to take their riches and to please God by exterminating this brute from the face of the earth”.

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha – Cervantes

tilting at windmills

My best ever post on official FORUM. (You can see I have been playing with BB Code, for the first time, to create my signature!)


OMG It looks like I am attacking Sapience, NO! I just disagree slightly, we have a voice on the FORUM which we should be permitted to use, futile or not!

I’m sure you have all noticed the new webpage and forum, I like it overall but do agree with many of the criticisms out there with regard to the access and style. I suppose like many we(users) think it could be much freerer, more colourful and dare I say it: fancy, packed full of clever tricks! What we have is very paired down and basic. Sturdy and safe, a VOLVO of the forum world!

I miss the character data, I try not to think about all the statistics I now have no access to, it upsets me!

The Lotteries are back with some data issues, ah look data(stats) is not being captured any more, so until they find time to do this (I hope they do know how to do this!) my Captain Tsydryt on Landroval whom I play the most at the moment will remain non-existent with regards to them, psychological distressing!

Sapience the community manager, (I have the utmost respect for this guy, check out how many posts he makes a day!) is requesting that people stop asking for the website to remember the log in or stop kicking out after a period of time…

SAPIENCE’s posted:

You can share your views and opinions and I will very happily catalog them and file them and put them in front of the right people. But the reality is this is not going to change. I might be able to get the log in stretched to an hour (maybe), but the option to remain logged in is not coming back. You may as well tilt at windmills.

That’s not arrogant. It’s not mean. It’s the blunt, honest truth.

I felt that the quixotic reference to attacking windmills is actually so apt if so mistakenly applied in his case.

The common understanding (and Sapience’s use) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tilting_at_windmills

‘However, when Don Quixote, the befuddled modern conquistador attacks a windmill, which he mistakenly believes is a giant, and is bested, Don Quixote quickly blames a magician for clouding his mind. Laid on the ground in a crumpled heap at the foot of the windmill he said to Sancho Panza “[a magician] has turned these giants into mills in order to rob me of my glory of vanquishing them”. Don Quixote, of course, did not lack courage but was bested by forces which he did not understand and he was completely powerless to defeat. A Castilian Spaniard of that day would have identified with Don Quixote, because in spite of his own efforts, his life was getting worse for reasons he did not understand. He was simply too far removed from the economic and political centers of power in Spain.’


My interpretation of the encounter inspires me to stand up and ‘tilt at windmills’ even to keep tilting until I fall for the last time. I may not be successful in my endeavour but I won’t give in, my voice and opinion should be of value even if “things will never change”

Don Quixote ends up happier than those that stayed at home and did nothing!

‘So, as I have said already, however bizarre a situation and however devastating a defeat may be, the genius of Don Quichote’s internal rhetorics will gain the upper hand.’

‘Now, the indisputable material existence of objects that we encounter in this world often blinds our eyes to the fact that these objects need perhaps not be there in the first place. For a critical mind like that of Cervantes the windmills – like all other machines before and ever after – need not be there, in fact ‘like giants’ they should be exterminated from the face of the earth. But this is impossible, as the defeat of Don Quixote implicitly tells us. In other words, even though the windmills are real, their purpose, their function, the idea behind them is just as fantastic as the idea of giants.’


So why do I kinda agree, well I think we should all be putting on our armour and playing LOTRO, we should all be charging at windmills when we think they are Giants needing to be destroyed, until we know differently and finally if necessary and we need to we should lower our lances, spur on our mounts and charge at Turbines when our voice needs to be heard!


2 Responses to “Tilting at Windmills: LOTRO website/forum”

  1. Chocoholic August 11, 2013 at 14:07 #

    Overall I’m quite happy with the new website. However there’s one thing that’s highly irritating and I’ve actually made a post about it (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?520154-Loggin-into-the-site-leads-straight-to-the-last-forum-page-I-visited-!). Usually I;m not the one to complain (much) about the site, but this has got me bugged. I also wonder if it’s actually a bug, but so far noone can say if it’s intentional or not.
    I think Sapience is ona break from everything, cause there haven’t been any posts to be seen in the dev tracker since August 9th…..

    Personally I think Sapience is doing a great job! Granted, there are always thing that could be better, but hey… he has to work with what he gets, right? I do know other sites that also work with VBulletin (as I understand the lotro forum also does) and I haven’t seen these problems anywhere else…. I wonder why it’s such a problem for Turbine to get it all working logically 😦

    So yeah, fighting against windmills? I know the feeling lol

  2. tsuhelm November 8, 2013 at 15:10 #

    Reading this months later…We can remain logged in for 6 hrs and the browser can remember the password!

    Successful manifestations due to protestations me thinks…

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