LOTRO: What a bounder, bounding around as not to be bound, does he know no bounds?

4 Sep

Bounder:  (mainly British, informal) a man whose behavior is ungentlemanly; a cad!

To bound: to hop up and down

To be bound: fixed or enclosed, tied up!

Bounds: the limits of what is possible or acceptable

All TP alts are on standby – 1 nominated character on each server collecting hobbit presents and ready to run off and start TP grinding…: Withywindle – Tsu???? (new Dwarven Rune master…oh forgotten name…), Silverlode – Luflaf and Laurelin – Opopa (RP but doing what a hobbit does best…nothing much…)

Windfola: Tordy buying and selling of Rep items on AH has backfired slightly: 14 stacks of items which suddenly stopped selling…and the prices are falling…so from 30+GP to about 6GP…Tsuhelm suddenly became ‘Guild Super Duper Woodworking Craftsman of the Year’…ok he became: ‘Grand Master of the Guild’ and he has yet to even craft a single Westfold recipe…indeed needs Black Ash to complete crit master tier so he can start to complete Supreme Crit crafting… only realized when he was unable to ‘hand in’ guild craft rep items…OH well, can use in guild recipes…

Landroval: Is the time sink of choice at the moment. Tsuhhere is also buying and selling on the AH but more successfully: 15+GP

Having fun with kin: although I have yet to do any in game ‘gaming’ with them! Sungiffu RP hunter will hook up with the Fellowship of the Secret Fire tomorrow wife permitting…And I have been receiving Forrochel rep items to help me get her some furs from kin members 🙂 Tsudryt is running through Evendim…(see separate blog..coming soon …I hope)…he is now LV42 and the only thing slowing him down is that damn obstinate completionist nature…

Bounders tokens are flowing – about 550 donated and I dropped about 250 last night in the city of Annuminas…I hope to get all deeds done before the server reaches its target of 1,750,000 tokens…I think Landroval is about half way!

EdgeCase  from the: The Lord of the Rings Online Team, Turbine, Inc. posted:

‘This is, indeed, a bug. You should be able to continue turning in tokens to the Bounders after you’ve unlocked the Boon. We’ll be fixing this at the same time as the other deed bug, where it isn’t bestowing properly to low level characters.’

Ah so not so much of a problem then…

Also forum rumours that there has been a slowdown in drop rates of bounders tokens…I didn’t notice any difference but them I am not actively grinding bounders tokens…

‘Big girl in the red dress

She’s just trying to impress us

And she’s got the barley fever

But she doesn’t make a sound


She’s just bounding around

She’s just bounding around


Down the court road early

With the hustlers big and burly

There’s a million of ’em selling

And the buyers can be found


They’re just bounding around

They’re just bounding around’

The Stranglers – ‘Hanging’ Around


LOTRO life: Just Bounding Around…


5 Responses to “LOTRO: What a bounder, bounding around as not to be bound, does he know no bounds?”

  1. NaktiesKarys September 4, 2013 at 10:07 #

    You have a Dwarven toon on Withywindle? Excellent, just let me know should you need any help with metal weapons, non-precious metal ingots or just swap Great Barrow with lvl.80 Champion.

    • tsuhelm September 4, 2013 at 10:24 #

      yep did it with you in mind…will update tomorrow with proper name…Not going crazy at the moment as Landroval is so active…but watch this space soon 🙂

  2. tsuhelm September 16, 2013 at 13:58 #

    Tsukuld is now lv10!

    • tsuhelm November 20, 2013 at 08:42 #

      Tsukuld has made it to lv22!


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