Boot up LOTRO: Vote with your feet…er boots!

5 Sep

‘These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.’
These Boots are Made for Walking-Nancy Sinatra

The Bounders Token server event is still going, Amazingly Vanyan, a German server finished in just over a week! 1,750,000 bounder’s tokens were handed in, to put this in context this event was meant to last until Helms Deep arrived and the only method of attaining the Bounders Tokens at this stage was from random loot drops…

ASIDE:  I love the LOTRO server name descriptions

VANYAR: The Vanyarin are the largest of the High Elves and Elves were the first who undertook the Great Journey to Valinor mere of where they finally settled down.

WINDFOLA: This server shares its name with Eowyn’s grey horse. Windfola was the horse who carried Eowyn and Merry into the Battle of Pelennor Fields, but when scared by the fell beast, the horse ran away.

LANDROVAL: This server shares its name with one of the Great Eagles. Landroval was the brother of Gwaihir, the Lord of the Eagles during the War of the Ring, and was one of the Eagles who saved Frodo and Sam from Mount Doom. Gandalf also claimed that he was fastest of the Eagles of the Misty Mountains.

Other methods and I presume associated events/quests have not yet been introduced. Something to look forward to.

But the response has been simply amazing, people came back to LOTRO to join in the huge push to get tokens, Forum threads were created to document the server wide totals. LOTRO buzzes!

So after Helms Deep has arrived and the minimal amount of issues are ironed out…all those developers and programmers will have lots of time on their hands and I thought I would give a suggestion of what they should do next, in fact how we as players can also help guide them in this and simultaneously run another Server Wide Event.


The AIM: Area upgrade/clean-up/streamlining/ prettification’ing’

All humanoid on level mobs has a base drop rate of  a ‘Old Boot’…1000 times less likely is the drop of ‘Gimli’s Sock (stolen/found and reused but never washed!!! – has a green aura effect or even poison status to char while carrying!)

Creepy but true: creeps will also get boots as the free people also wear boots!

An Old Boot counts as a vote for the area in the Server wide pooled collection. A Gimli’s Sock is a negative vote!

I think this could even be expanded across the whole LOTRO map…to see which area ‘needs’ (ie the players would like to see) an update the most…

Drop off your boots at the drop off boot recycling wagon…team of local NPC’s manning the wagon, some will also offer to barter items for boots and even socks!

One wagon can be found in each area running in the vote.

Here they will also take off your hands ‘Gimli’s Sock’ (unwillingly – they will double check and try to put you off from depositing the sock with them even suggesting other Areas…).

Server wide event – pooled totals from ALL servers.

1 target for all servers to reach 1 area to be polished

If double target 2 areas will be polished and resoled and if triple top 3 will get polished, resoled and new laces.

1 target for server (and if they double or even triple it…)

Boot Camp– 5% speed, 2% inductions,

Shakin Boots – 10% speed, 4% inductions, 2% dmg

Bootilisious – 15% speed, 6% inductions, 4% dmg

Deeds (kinda a target) for individuals

Deed I           50 boots        Put the Boot In

Deed II          500 boots      Head over Heals

Deed III         2500 boots    Tough as Old Boots

Sock Deed    ????                  ?????

Do you think this is a good idea or maybe it’s a load of old cobblers…?

So pull yourself up by your bootstraps, don’t quake in your boots head out and make a difference or die trying, with your boots on!

‘Put on your shit kickers and kick some shit!’
Shitkickers-House of Pain


2 Responses to “Boot up LOTRO: Vote with your feet…er boots!”

  1. tsuhelm September 6, 2013 at 08:20 #

    Threading shoelaces, its all a bit tongue in boot!
    I started up a thread on LOTRO forums: Go and support it so more people can see my suggestion….


  1. LOTRO: Arglwydd Y Cylchoedd Online and Other Stuff! | tsuhelm - February 25, 2014

    […] It made me remember my BOOT suggestion:  first mentioned in blog here. […]

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