LOTRO: Legendary at last, Cephalopod watches no more!

16 Oct

Tsudyrt continues to run away from Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #13

 ‘And as I still walk on,
I think of the things we’ve done…’
Del Shannon – ‘Runaway’

Tsudryt GOT his hands on his legendary weapon…so continues to wrap up Volume II, book 1 of the Epic quests.

Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria
Chapter 11: Worth Beyond Measure

I ran a Tucky skirmish to finally get to my new growing halberd to lv10, I died twice which was strange…I think I was just out of practice. So off to find a Forgemaster…in Thorins Hall.

Aside: Tsudryt has been homeless for quite sometime, today he became proud new owner of 1 Roaring Road (basically close to the door as possible), deluxe house with 2 storage chests, now I wish I had a wardrobe for all the various pieces of bound equipment he has but cannot place in his housing chest! So after today getting back to Thorin’s Hall will always be a easy, good as he needs to visit the Weaponsmith guild quite a bit.

Chapter 12: Forged Anew

Reforged Halberd and then have to head back to entrance to the Walls of Moria to speak to Ráthwald.

Chapter 13: The Watcher in the Water

Ok so onward to kill that watcher squidy tentacled thing. Seriously unimpressed by this creature, I was really hoping for so much more. Tsudryt waded into the water and indeed for most of the fight I could only see the top of his head, swing swing, swing; tentacle dead, and repeat…break to talk to a dwarf and then all over again for multiple tentacles…

No knock backs, no being picked up by tentacles, no having to hack a tentacle to save a dwarf, no point! No cephalapod nightmares induced!

Chapter 14: Khazad-dûm at Last!

Spoke to Tulk inside the Doors of Durin, YES INSIDE Mines of Moria 🙂

Nice movie, I think one of the best I have seen so far…Mr. Balrog looks mean here…in fact I think he deserves his proper name …

Durin’s Bane, the Balrog of Moria.

Tulk gives me my Captain’s Emblem but I cannot equip yet as it needs to be identified! BAck to Thorins gate…but not yet…

After wrapping up the first book of Volume II of the Epics I felt I should also wrap up the Fall of Moria instance that I failed before…even though I was running out of time…

The Fall of Moria

Instance: The Fall of Moria – Solo Session Play

In the end I am told to escape from the Balrog and the passage is blocked…I died here last time…this time I calmly waited for Mr.Balrog to come and eat me and then the blocked passage unblocks and am free, a quick chat with the Elves, who are pissed off that Mr.Balrog is free, and with Durin’s son, Prince Náin or I suppose King Náin now! He vows his revenge but strikes my as a bit of a coward! The parting words being,”Khazad-dûm will not fall!”

Well done King Náin…

‘My little runaway,
Run, run, run, run, runaway.
Run, run, run, run, runaway.
Run, run, run, run, runaway.’
Del Shannon – ‘Runaway’

So Tsudryt needs to get his Emblem fitted and now he needs to get a sturdy Goat for Moria adventures…so to Thorins Hall and then  Sarnúr.

‘To end this misery
And I wonder–
I wah-wah-wah-wah-wonder,
Why, why, why, why, why she ran away,
Yes, and I wonder…’
Del Shannon – ‘Runaway’


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