LOTRO: Mashing up lotro-wiki Mines of Moria

23 Oct

Tsudyrt continues to run away from Captain Landroval…Captain Landroval Series #14

‘Mine all mine

Yeah, and the search goes on
The more I look
My world keeps gettin’ smaller
Staring at the sun, searchin’ for the light
Almost ended up blind’
Van Halen – Mine All Mine 


Not giving up his new Legendary Halberd!

Tsudryt explores The Great Delving, looking for Durin’s Threshold and Shemeldurj, not to be confused with ‘she that has melding urges’.

Tsudryt had a Welcome to Moria from Bedbugs, which he promptly killed. Then after Honouring the Fallen and Setting Up Shop in An Ominous Tunnel in A Deep Place he had A Deep Thought, recovering from the aftereffects of thinking too much he decided to set off In Pursuit of others to Examine a Dwarf-axe found laying on the ground east of Túbi Thickfist. A Watchful Glance of which directed him to progress to the Goblin camp at Snaga-maudhûl where Sealing the Gate against Rumours in the Tunnels was the first priority. Stealing Back to go Ever Forward, Tsudryt progressed to Lamâb-dûm where  An Ancient Hope that the Scent of the Hive or The Noise of the Gredbyg would draw out The Hive-Queen. The Queen was destroyed easily so Tsudryt headed To the Dolven-view and then went to explore the wonders to be found at The Palace of Náin. In deed he got some New Growth after he had to  Examine an Unusual Fungus found on same level of palace as Lamâb-dûm, his vision went all funky! He still managed to succeed in Lighting the Way again he had  to Examine something, this time a Moria-mirror found on upper level of the palace.

Tsudryt’s vision returned after he returned to The Dolven-view where after restocking and reforging his legendary weapon he headed out to find some Claws of the Deep. He had to Clear Tunnels so that The Road is Ours before Scouting Ahead.

Back at Dolven-view he found some Dwarves offering to upgrade his legendary weapon all he had to do was some Legendary Item Title Quests: he chose to do the The Training Hall, but the others didn’t interest him:The Mithril SlavesThe Ghost-forge, The Morroval-outcasts, The Spider-nest and, The Library of Steel. The destruction of trainee Orcs was simple enough but their taskmasters all 3 of em proved too tricky, the battle hardened leader kicked Tsudryt hard out of the area.

Tsudryt retreated to Gazatmur and discoved that the Servant of the White Hand, after having to Examine the Mark of the White Hand dropped by goblins at Gazatmur. Were Enemies Forever and that they needed to be told, “Go And Stay Out!”. The Goblin Overseers stood on Shaky Foundations and were unable to stand their ground! A Long Echo was heard which led to Tsudryt Opening the Waterways and Securing the Library, before heading off to The Cooling Chamber to cool down. In a Instance: The Cooling Chamber transported Tsudryt To the Deep Descent this Vector to the Silvertine Lodes was quite unexpected. Before heading off to the ‘lodes’ he explored Katûb-zahar  and solved Riddles in the Library. He had to Examine Falgeirr’s Papers found on ground at the entrance before passing them on back at the Dolven-view.

Finally heading off to The Silvertine Lodes, the The Deep Descent where Tsudryt hopes to be Banding Together with others to continue his exploration of the Mines of Moria!

Mashed up from: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Moria_Quests

Captain Tsudryt is already lv51, almost lv52, has a lv22 halberd and lv20 emblem and 4 legendaries about to be reforged for the first time…

‘Ow, anything you want, any dirty deeds

He’s got everything except what I really need
Keepin’ me temporarily satisfied
But not one thing I’ve tried
Filled me up inside or felt like mine
Mine all mine’

Van Halen – Mine All Mine

Mine all Mines of Moria!


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