LOTRO: Spooky goings on in the Haunted Burrow

28 Oct

I have to admit that I have been enjoying this festival more than any before…not sure how I missed the last 2 Fall festivals…

I am now sticking all but 1 of my hobbit present collectors through the Haunted Burrow each day, sometimes more than once per day!

So Tsukuld (Withywindle), Opopa (Laurelin), Tsuhelm (Windfola) and Tsudryt (Landroval) each do a run in the morning and each hour if I remember…(Luflaf (Silverlode) is staying in AH as 1 more run would prevent me from doing anything else at all!) I even invested in a new ‘Milestione skill’ (on sale 25% off this week) so I can move Tsudryt between Moria and the Shire a bit more easily!

The Chests

Three hourly chests can be found behind the which so far for me have only dropped festival tokens: min 3 and the max I have received has been 6!

One 24hourly chest: selection of stuff including 3 tokens and what most people want: the skeleton steed:

Hippy on a horse

Yeah Tsuhelm got 1 one, I think on his second run! (It may even have been his first run!) So here is Tsuhelm in hippy mode on a skeleton horse! He has been inspired to find/design a new dark look to match the steed…ideas?

The Haunted Burrow

I have to admit I was confused to begin with but not so much that I couldn’t eventually work it out! (Obviously people have worked it out before and there are a lot of help maps out there: I really like CStM’s as mentioned in my last post.)

Below is my, little contribution to the plethora of attempts…

This is my ‘Rattling in the Attic’ walkthrough which I found to be by far the fasted and easiest to do and links quite nicely to the Reward Chests if and as needed!

Rattling in the Attic

In fact all of Polo’s quests are pretty quick and I sometimes do them as well…

And here is Tsudryt being crept up upon by the skeleton/hobbit who was behind all the ‘rattling!’:

skely up on tsu

And Opopa, they could almost be twins:

Opopa and skely

‘And Wailing in the Haunted Burrow’, Who is scarier, Tsuhelm or the ghost/hobbit? (Or that chandelier poised to fall…)


‘And Roaring Maw in the Haunted Burrow’: Tsudryt has a chat about honey with the bear/hobbit!

pot of honey

The Burrower Deed

Tsudryt has now done all the Haunted Barrow quests to earn Burrower title…it was more of a can I do it challenge in reality!

A Stroll Through the Haunted Burrow and A Race Through the Haunted Burrow (Poppy Cotton…great name!)

Was pretty easy now that I have a reasonable idea of where to go and how to get there…

The Great Hobbit Rescue

Also quite simple once you know the way.

Valuables Gone Astray

A bit more complex as you have to search the items down but was pleased to complete!

A Riddle in a Bottle

Ok now I thought that the riddles would be changing everytime and was reading the clues but soon realized it was all fixed and Tsudryt simply drank from the correct bottle and progressed to the next area, I managed to fail this a few times before I realized the best path and in the end was remarkably fast!

The Inn League Excavation

Tsudryt ran the initiation and did 1 beer delivery quest before realizing that many of the deliveries were simply too far away! Will wait until next year to complete these…but I really wanted to try out the Haunted Barrow quest and I had a mind bending time…

Simply put getting to the Wine was simple, by now I knew where it was but Tsudryt then drinks from it and the world goes a wee bit blurry! I couldn’t tell if I was carrying the wine or not! I failed twice before nailing it!


Potent Bird Seed

This is the only forced emote I like…I think it will be great for some screenshots but 900 tokens will be needed to complete the deed so maybe for the years to come…


My only outstanding issue is that I don’t even have any idea what I am going to spend my tokens on?

3 Responses to “LOTRO: Spooky goings on in the Haunted Burrow”

  1. gloredh October 28, 2013 at 12:58 #

    congratz on getting the skelehorse 😀 That is a pretty rare drop, you sure got lucky finding it so quickly!

    • tsuhelm October 28, 2013 at 13:06 #

      THX 🙂

      I was might surprised as well!


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