LOTRO: More Moria…Hidden Stuff…

12 Nov

Captain Landroval Series #15


‘But now it’s too late there’s no escape, from what they have done.
Come on!
I’m goin’ deeper underground, there’s too much panic in this town.
I’m goin’ deeper underground, there’s too much panic in this town.
I’m goin’ deeper underground.’
Deeper Underground-Jamiroquai


The Great Delving – DONE but spending a lot of time here…there…in fact here and there!

The Silvertine Lodes – DONE

Durin’s Way – ONGOING!

Tsudryt only got to lv58 this weekend not the planned 60 😦

I blame my Nr.2 son who got up very early (cutting short my LOTRO Sunday by 2 hours!) and insisted that he be able to watch ‘Manny Manitas’ his favorite kids cartoon at the moment (Handy Manny)!

More painful was that thinking I had loads of time I had been messing around with getting prospecting and weaponsmith crafting leveled a little…including an hour trip to Eregion to find Ancient Iron Ore…never harvested this before and Tsudryt ended up wandering all over…

Bought crafted relics of agility for halberd and belt…looking for some might…but all that was for sale in AH.

The other night managed to get to 58 …after dying twice doing a Tucky run, due to falling asleep at the keyboard…I called it a night thereafter.

The last 2 mornings Tsudryt has been running around Dolvens View: he wrapped up Advanced Horny Deed in the Library, with the help of a lv85 harvesting like mad, he must have been irritated at my slow efforts, as he just invited without any chat…normally a turn off for me but I could see the speed he was going so I just joined in and COR did it fly by…was hard to drag myself away as I could see Bounders bags and rep items piling up…but I was here to do deed and deed was done. The 100 bounders tokens collected here have almost wrapped up deed3! On the walk back I killed an Orc that stupidly tried to stop me…and that completed the Orc advanced killing deed…a nice surprise I didn’t think I was anywhere near!

To help with levelling I have been running the following skirmishes: ‘Attack at Dawn’ which is getting tricky as some of the big mobs are requiring new strategies to defeat and ‘Tuckburough’ still nice and relaxing …when awake!

Legendary Item Title Quests:

And I also do the daily crafting repeatables in Dolven View


Training hall: 12 Orkish Recruits, 8 Orkish Veterans and 3 Vigilant Taskmasters and 1 Uruk Battle-master…when orange was very challenging like running into a tornado; now it’s a bit of a breeze, it is still a breath of fresh air that lows relics and xp Tsudryt‘s way!

The Mithril Slave: Mine-guards, Brutal Overseers, at least 14 Goblin-slave Miners and the Mine-overseer. The Mining Slaves is less fun due to trickier layout…its dark and I keep missing the wooden ramps…(basically a broken figure of 8..) 14 slave orcs which rather than appreciating the gift of freedom attack but they also die easily…

The Ghost-forge – Not tried as yet

The Morroval-outcasts – Not tried as yet

The Spider-nest …imbued sapphires and adamants for the others…I bought 1 imby adam on AH before but failed completely to save dwarves from being eaten by spiders…a shocking experience which drives me to do it again…just need those adamants.

Seen some amazing mass slaughter Youtube vids: search The Spiders Nest LOTRO.

The Library of Steel – Not tried as yet

Crafting Quests

Hadudbâb …er half way along the wavy lined path with no mobs…2 dwarves and an elf stand around…there are 2 doors to 2 different libraries…basically once a day accept all the quests and run in and upwards killing almost everything and picking up books as you go along…kill final boss and return for Iron Garrison Token…exchange them for XP items for LI of barter for ‘Golden Flowers’ from the elf…useful later I have heard.

Moria crafting Instances

Hidden Deeds

At the Crossroads…I fell down the well…and was surprised to complete a deed! ( Tsudryt fell down the well at least 3 times afterwards…too much of a rush I think!)

A Deep Well: Title: Well Travelled [sic] and 5TP

Other hidden deeds in Moria

The Pits of Moria

Find the bottoms of the Pits of Moria.

Find the bottom of a pit in The Great Delving

Find the bottom of a pit in The Silvertine Lodes

Find the bottom of a pit in Jazârgund

Find the bottom of a pit in The Redhorn Lodes

Find the bottom of a pit in Western Nud-melek

Find the bottom of a pit in Eastern Nud-melek

5 more TP

Hidden deeds…not in Moria…


For too long, Boar-kind has plagued the land. In your efforts, you have shown a desire to drive them from Middle-earth. Reward Title: Pork-chopper and 10TP

I have known about this deeds for ages but could never remeber where the final boar was to be found…now I do: Angmar (There is only 1 boar here, called Grimgore, which can be found just north of Aughaire.)

I think this is my outstanding Boar..oh dear I sense a boar hunt!



Bounders bags coming to an end…HD arriving so soon!

Need to get Opopa and Tsukuld on Laury and Withy respectively, to lv 20 so that can convert tokens to landscape tokens…best thing I can think of…have universal tool… Tsudryt is about 25 tokens away (see above)

Legendary Items

The four LI’s Tsudryt has been ‘growing’ in my LI slots are getting close to being harvested…approaching level30…so reforge and level then DECONSTRUCT…forums say harvest at 31…(ignoring those that say 61!)

‘I’m goin’ deeper underground.
Well I got to go deeper.
Got to go much deeeeepeeeer yeah ha.
Heh they’re gonna wreck it down yeah..
Step doooo ba-dudum daaw da daaw da da-daaw heah, yeh we gotta bring it down yah.

Deeper Underground-Jamiroquai


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