LOTRO: Moria Training Hall Instant Shenanigans

14 Nov

This Moria Crafting Quest is great fun…It can be picked up from the Dwarf Fastarr in Dolven-view, oh you need an Infused Garnet (pick up from AH if cant find in Moria.)

TH info

The ‘writers’ also had some fun here some of the Orc comments really made me chuckle: (<RACE> inserts your character race here)

VET: How did you….
VET: Stand aside let me show you how this is done…; No <RACE>can slay me…[as defeated!]
VET: Where are the recruits…
VET: haha let me teach you something <RACE>
VET: Time for a lesson in pain…
REC I should have trained harder
REC: The <RACE> is a demon Flee!>
REC: Should… Have… Ducked…
REC: harder to hit than the dummies, isn’t it
REC looks like practice time is over boys
REC: I saw it first, its mine!
TAS: I die for Mordor!

And this one stuck but couldn’t remember who said it:

To fall to a <RACE> the shame…

2 YOUTUBE videos I found:

1 Hunter…go slow (I used to grab some of the quotations) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKDkcwklTes

2 Champ…sod the strategy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEK7J3rOnEs



And the rewards for doing it:

26 Silver 25 Copper
Increased Reputation with Iron Garrison Guards ( 700 )
Legendary Item Experience
Selectable Rewards:
Title Scroll Tier 1 Shadow-master
Title Scroll Tier 1 Dead-reaver
Title Scroll Tier 1 Vermin-slayer
Title Scroll Tier 1 Gleaming Striker
Title Scroll Tier 1 Firm Resolve
Title Scroll Tier 1 Guardian of the Deep Halls
Fused Bronze Relics Fused Bronze Relics

I choose the last, deconstruct the fused relics, great for combining in the ‘grow your relics’ mini game[sic]

Wanna read my comic walkthrough? HERE

Now go do it…!

And as ever the LOTRO-WIKI was invaluable to the details,,,check it out


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