LOTRO: Spies are out there?

9 Dec

There are unconfirmed reports of my internet being fixed today…LOTRO’ing again soon… (Well at least I had to help wife, from work, with an explanation of where the Ethernet cable has to go!)

So back in the real world I was amused to read this article in The Guardian (my 1st choice for online news…) about spies in WOW! Maybe they are in LOTRO as well?

I had always considered it as a viable possibility to conceal criminal activities…and after reading the comments this article generated I am really not surprised by the level of complacency of the general public…maybe it is or is not a RISK but I actually prefer for my ‘secret intelligence agencies’ (find the HIDDEN oxymoron in there…) to at least be smart enough to enjoy a nice MMO session every so often 🙂 and if they disrupt terrorists in the process …BONUS!

I reckon they are all in DOFUS myself! (That was where I first thought this would be possible!) Did I just come out as an ex DOFUS player!


Tsu-Kate…lv149 left neglected after being unable to extend subscription in South America…

I suppose we all have secrets…I wonder if the spooks are reading the blogs…

Hive a nice day!


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