Tsuhelm: To Zinc No the Bog Tarts

13 Dec

250th blog stats

LOTRO…that will return in my next blog…later work depending as always… So…inspired by Chindividual I had a little look at Tsuhelm’s stats…


I like stats but I definitely do not write to increase my audience…I like to think it is some kind of shared meditative experience… Of my 249 blogs the most visited were:

Home page / Archives 1,501
LOTRO: Captain Tsudryt’s response to Captain Class Changes 162
Reputation for Rangers of Esteldin! How? 67
LOTRO: Tree in full HD! 67
Rutting in LOTRO 61
Lotro: Bounders Statue 61
Tsuhelm’s Hunter Skill Rotations 59
TP Grind Table version 2 56
LOTRO: What a bounder, bounding around as not to be bound, does he know no bounds? 52
LOTRO: Bounders Bound To Succeed (in the end!) 51
The man behind the tsuhelm 48

Well…Home pages…well ok the top 10 ACTUAL blog posts run below. I am still amazed that my silly blog where Tsudyrt discusses the upcoming possible changes in HD is still getting daily hits! I kind of like that 48 people have checked to see what kinda idiot actually writes this blog…OR I have a stalker who has looked at my mattress balancing trick 48 times! The most informative has probably recently become outdated…I have to create a new Hunter Rotation Blog…:(. And there will be a follow up whenever Turbine updates that silly Bounders Statue. So where are you readers? So far:

world map

Colourful Rorschach!

So basically I have jokers to my left and after a bit of image manipulation clowns to my right! top10

It being in English, Tsuhelm, even if my bastardised playful take on it at times, I am not surprised that most of the hits came from US and GB. Broken down by geographical region:


I am happy that Europe pips the Americas. And oddly enough: strange countries

Most of those Argentinians are my own when checking site not logged in! Nice to See Spain and Denmark here as I have lived there. Korea as I wanted to move there once and have good friend there still, the food and drink is amazing; gochujang(chilli paste) and beksejo(herbal wine). Iceland, have always met great Islandic people wherever I have lived and this is odd as there are only 321,000(ish) of them on the planet! Brunei and Bahrain are the most far out places I have ever been, both as a child but will never be forgotten! [Sorry Chileans, all 3 of you…missed you off the graphic :(]

LOTRO players worldwide I salute you 🙂

Being a bit of an artistic type (my discontinued anarchist art blog, simply too time consuming: doodles/writings and to the end photography and fashion[!]): here is a gallery of my fav pics used in my posts:

So folks…thanks for your time…now back on with the blogging 🙂 Finally for my stalker: Me balancing my mattress on my head in Valparaiso, Chile: SONY DSC


4 Responses to “Tsuhelm: To Zinc No the Bog Tarts”

  1. NaktiesKarys December 16, 2013 at 06:11 #

    Me from Lithuania, nice to see hits from my country 🙂
    What type of shield are you carrying in the last photo? Let me guess – next region would be Valparaiso and that’s some kind of “Valparaiso Great Navy Shield” (since I have heared there is a big naval military base in Valparaiso?).

    • tsuhelm December 16, 2013 at 06:42 #

      Indeed that is the correct shield…And there is a very big navel base in Valpo…takes up half the bay…


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