17 Dec


VIP free trial #2 

‘You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing’
U2-Even better than the real thing

Day3 pt2: One played zero LOTRO

Home from work, 35°C, new shoes tearing holes into heel of feet making 7 block walk a torture, straight into screaming Nr1 Son, who had just received 3 nasty insect bites on back of leg and a nasty looking bite on the back from Nr2 Son! Calming of kids required, but first shoes from hell removed, wife suggests I entertain them in the pool, entices me into action with a cold glass of beer (she knows me quite well :)). Wife quickly gets attacked by ant…they are nasty here…WAIT!

This is a LOTRO blog!

Suffice to say after kids entertained, failing to suck pool bottom clean(faulty equipment!), feeding of kids and parents, the odd DIY quick task, and finally getting the kids to sleep I DIDN”T get to play LOTRO.

Instead, unwinding on sofa with wife,  watched first 3 OR 4 episodes of Jericho on Netflix…



REBUS help:(highlight to read)line 1(easy): You to can be 

REBUS help:(highlight to read)line 2(hard): viper miners ore = viper minus or OR as in this case er = vip, 3 of em = free vip


Being VIP doesn’t make me less stupid!

I had forgotten that there was an update and instead of running the update before retiring for the night I spent half of my morning LOTRO time watching small green bars, there was even a couple of minutes of mounting tension that maybe it had STUCK, but it completed and I could log in to collect some of yesterday’s hobbit presents before continuing to collect today’s hobbit presents. (The switch over here in Argentina being 5am at the moment, I must leave by 0515 so any missed are collected tomorrow…yeah it confuses me too!)

Tsudryt did his weaponsmith guild crafting items, almost getting to Artisan of the Guild…so can craft legendary relics! He then got into a little chat about Captain Tree’s, weirdly there were 2 other players online from my kinship (The Secret Council of Fire), all Captains; Eosh (lv85), Ulvic (lv50) and yours truly (lv60).[must check names…lol] I found out that I have been running a really weird experimental build of Leader of Men with 20 pts in Lead the Charge…Red+Yellow=ORANGE…perfect as that is Tsudryt’s colour 🙂 I thought I was is much more safe Lead the Charge all the way! Better RED than Dead!

Then checked postbox for AH sales and expired returns…happily some worn dwarf stuff had shifted…hope it continues…Oh dear…no more time…time to go to work 😦

While getting properly dressed I collected the rest of the hobbit presents (only Tsukuld was left outstanding…)

Day4 pt2 prediction

Pool bottom still to be sucked clean…faffing around with pumps and tubing…gonna be stressful 😦

Lawn needs mowing…outdoor extension cable needs wiring up to reach end of the back lawn…10m cable enable me to do the first 2 meters…20 more to go!

A-frame swing needs building…lumber purchased…this will have to wait…

And including the basic kid and wifey tasks it is not looking promising for LOTRO…

Being VIP is great but surely the package should also include a gardener, pool boy, nanny for the kids, for the wife, well she can pick between the gardener or pool boy (ONLY JOKING!), and consequently I can get down to some serious LOTRO’ing!


‘Take me higher
Take me higher
You take me higher
You take me higher
You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing’
U2 – Even better than the real thing


3 Responses to “LOTRO: NOT 2B=F2P/P, 2B=VIP”

  1. NaktiesKarys December 18, 2013 at 09:11 #

    Comment about TP grind. My own strategy:
    1. make Human toon, quickly finish intro
    2. Skip all non-deedable, like Legendary quests.
    3. Do the following easy Bree deeds (+rewards in TP)
    a) Spider slayer (5)
    b) Spider slayer adv. (10)
    c) Brigand slayer (5)
    d) Brigand slayer advanced (10)
    e) Bree quests-15 (10)
    i) Bree quests-30 (10)
    j) Bree quests-45 (15)
    k) Neeker-breaker slayer (5)
    l) Sickle-fly slayer (5)
    m) Ruins of Breeland (5)
    n) History of Dunedain (10)
    4. Use single-use horse, do easy Shire-Ered Luin deeds:
    a) Farms of Shire (5)
    b) Sights of Shire (5)
    c) Elf ruins exploration (5)
    d) Places of Dwarves (5)
    e) Scouting the Dourhands (5)
    5) If your level is high enough, try Rath Teraig exploration (5 TP)
    This makes some 115 Turbine points in one run. Once you get a single-use horse, you may finish Ruins of Breeland and then all the exploration deeds. No need to do side quests after you finish 45 quests in Breeland.
    As a Champion, I get some +10 Turbine points for class deeds.Not sure about other classes.
    Note: this is intended for an easy run with little to think and avoiding any combat outside Bree.

    Optional: Have stacks of rep.items in the vault and use them on all the toons. Kindred means 50 TPs and this is for some 122 high-level items (+700).

    • tsuhelm December 18, 2013 at 11:09 #

      Great stuff: I will publish this later: Naktie’s grind run 🙂

      Thx 🙂

      Gonna try this and time it this weekend.

      Other point that was interesting was high level (such as yourself farming sardur and barrow for rep then power REP levelling alts without playing them at all!)

      I also think with the GP earnt from this kind of easy farming (for high level…like yourself) should generate GP to get other rep items off AH…increase the TP gain… what do you think?

      • NaktiesKarys December 19, 2013 at 02:59 #

        I used simple quick toon strategy.
        Yes, you are right: add-on to thisb strategy is to sent high-level toon to Sarnur/Barrows/Annuminas, farm every reputation item and store in shared vault. Best ones are Thorins Hall, Bree, Annuminas reputation items, most problematic – Mathoms. Reputation items for xenophobix factions like Lossoth and some others, liek Rangers of Esteldin, are harder to get. Council of the North is medium one: if you are lucky, it’s ok. Moria is problematic, since most drops are low-level (+30, +50) ones, +700 drop too rarely.
        Gold coins – I usually do not sell rep.items in AH, they may always be handy. TP is worth more than GP…

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