LOTRO: VIP TP Grind Prep

19 Dec

VIP free trial #3 



‘You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing

Give me one last chance
And I’m gonna make you sing
Give me half a chance
To ride on the waves that you bring’

U2 – Even better than the real thing


I was interested to find a forum post about FAST TP grinding: here

And I have in the past tried to optimise my own little TP grinding run…


I start a human champ on a new server, get to 15 in Bree area, go to Ered Luin, then run the shire then return to Bree, wrap up bree, pop into Barrow downs – eat all those nice rep carrots for Bree and then clean up any unfinished exploration deeds…and go to Lone Lands…by this time I do not want to delete any chars!

So at work I started thinking, dangerous and not conducive to good work, when the thoughts are LOTRO related! I pulled up all my old TP run checklists and looked them over…

They are all based on the Kaldy TP Run…he was the first and original, I have yet to see a better one…Kaldy we salute you. He is not playing LOTRO anymore but does reply to posts on his blog: here.

Here is my updated Bree checklist



OOPS mised off the TP earnt:

Dunedain 10
Ruins 5
Barrow Downs 5
Lore of Cardolan 5
Bree land adventurer 45
Barghest 15
Neekers 15
Flies 15
Orcs 15
Wight 15
Enmity of DeadII 10
Bandits 15
Spiders 15
Total 185

and my Ered Luin Checklist:



185+140 = 325 then I do the shire!

I can’t remember where I got this guide from…[when find out will credit]



Farm 5
wolf 15
slug 15
goblin 15
spider 15
fly 15
brigand 15

Thats 425 TP folks not including Class Deeds…but this monster run is always so spread out that it cannot really be called a ‘TP run’

I have never tried to do it in 1 continuous run through.

And looking at it I do not want to!

What I want to do is speed it up, drop some of the adv slayer stuff or even completely avoid some slayer deeds…

The plan is forming but first I need to prepare…

Day5 pt2

No pool cleaning 🙂 Just lots of Gardening 😦

Finally get on to LOTRO about 2230: So I collected missed hobbit presents from the morning and then started my TP run preperation…I want lv7. 10, and 12 (even 15 if have mats) equipment…only on Windfola do I have crafting ability to cover all requirements but I have 3 empty char slots… so my speedy TP grind runners can be born here. I spent an hour and half bringing back chars to crafting positions and creating all  but heavy armour. Decided that I would fall asleep with wife instead of computer tonight so called it a night!

Day6 pt1

(OH actually day7, I could tell as I had a gold hobbit present again! I had forgotten that I signed up and was unable to log in due to RW tasks…ergo losing a day :(, but this is day 6 of actually playing LOTRO VIP)

Amazingly I woke up with my alarm 🙂 Got cracking making Heavy Armour lv 7 and 10 (NEW since HD!…Heavy Armour can be worn from the get go!)…12 and 15 will have to wait. I am finding this preparation work a bit time consuming…

Mind you with the blue ‘rest’ xp all the crafting helped to level my chars 🙂

Other VIP benefit today was that I was able to free 20 slots of vault storage by dumping cosmetic stuff into Wardrobe 🙂

‘Take me higher
Take me higher
You take me higher
You take me higher

You’re the real thing
Yeah the real thing
You’re the real thing
Even better than the real thing
Even better than the real thing
Even better than the real thing’

U2 – Even better than the real thing


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