LOTRO: Living On The Edge of VIP

24 Dec

VIP free trial #5


‘If you can judge a wise man

By the color of his skin

Then mister you’re a better man than I


Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t help yourself at all

Livin’ on the edge

You can’t stop yourself from fallin’

Livin’ on the edge’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge

Day7 pt2

Oh wonders will never cease…actually did get to play some LOTRO this night, just an hour but enough time to basically wrap up preparation for planned TP grind to start over the Weekend.

Day8 pt1

As quickly as possible I logged in and out on all  chars for Hobbit presents, Tsudryt did a little bit of buying and selling and weaponsmith guild rep crafting!

Then…the long awaited day had arrived…it was 5Am on 21st December 2013 time to create a NEW TP grinder…

…too exciting…

Gullorodspiseret was created.

1min 10secs used on creation: Human Champ Random..#1 ugly, #2 ugly #3…that is Captain Jean Luc Picard!

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

Captain Jean Luc Picard (left) and Gullerodspiseret (right)

5 mins was used setting up UI and options on this new char!

41mins 1 sec and I finally start the instance to end the Archet area.

46 mins finished instance, hurrah am now in the real world…er real game world of LOTRO!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a  mini gift of Valar that jumped you past this (VIP can jump the ultra basic intro quest already!) Fellow blogger, Pasduil, pointed out that there is, its called the Veteran Status. 100Tp single use per I grind max 50TP an hour this would be a loss but useful to know! (Read his adventures with a champ and using the Gift of Valar here.)

Guide to be used:


1 hour: leave Archet area after minor exploration (picking up Brownes’ Folly, Blackwold’s Roost (and Ancient Cairn therein)


1.05  straight to Combe and horse to Bree and run into the Auction House

1.09 using Shared Storage get most of equipment…then half equipped log off to log on to Waywynn my Armourer…

1.24 Shared across armour for lv 7 and 10 as well as some overflowed jewellry. Back to Combe and off again. Picking up all quests and running into Chetwood.

In his new purple best!

In his new purple best!

1.31 killed a red squirrel by accident!

1.41 brigand deed pt1 tp5

1.56 lv10

er..looks the same...

er..looks the same…

2.05 handed in quests and received more in combe…back to Chetwood

2.20 bandit adv deed 10tp

2.35 Back to Combe..wrapped up alll quests (not epic…now off to Staddle)

2.38-Bree Land Adventurer Deed pt1 10Tp

2.42 Log out to resupply, need lv 12 and 15 gear. Cloaks and sword done up to lv15…missing swords for lv18 as no barrow iron!

2.49 Time to go to Real world, must clean a pool (TRY as pump was acting up!)

8AM er..25TP in 3hours…

Day8 pt2


Day9 pt1


Scaly armour…reminds me of roof slates…ugly! And the helmet, don’t get me started on the helmet!

5am more crafting done and we R off again

Tour of bree or not? …ok do IT!

0.14  2bandits in beggers back alley killed and crest found

0.19 tour done…back to Combe and bandits

0.40 pipeweed collected…deeper in to find statue and collect heirlooms (Bruner Stoutthrush on the E path into Bree also has an easy bandit related quest: Family Treasures.)

1.00 Breeland adv deed pt2 10TP

1.45 fly basic 5TP

1.50marsh queen killed…used to be much harder…separated boys n men…

1.54 spidy basic and advanced 15 tp

1.55 history dunadain 10tp

1.57 neeker pt1 5tp

2.05 purple goblin..lone lands…started gob deed! Sturdy key 🙂

2.23 Back to Combe completed all well that ends well…and bree adventurer…15tp

Now time to do the run around and wrap up…

Bree wrap up

2.57 lots of nr death …being chased by flocks of orange skelys missed bottom exp point had to go back! Satred prince pages deed…barrow down exp 5tp

3.05 realised I had forgotten 1 goblin to kill for champ lv15 quest..Far East on edge of Midgewater Marsh!…still trying to think how to get back there…

3.07ruins of bree 5tp

3.08 waypoint to combe…horse to bree..hop off in saddle…}

3.30 fly slayer pt2 10tp

3.35 neeker slayer pt2 10tp

8.35 AM: 3 n half hours, 90tp

Day9 pt2

Deed boost still running…now in the Shire

Shire wrap up

more spiders to the North between slugs n gobs!

0.03 swift to shire

0.10 wolve basic 5tp

0.18 wolf pt2 10 tp

0.30 spider 5tp

0.41 spider2 10tp

0.55 fly 5 tp

1.08 fly2 10tp

11pm: 1hour, 45TP

Day10 pt1

4.30am start…dashing around the shire…

4.35 farms 5 tp

14.00 brigand 5tp

23.00 brigand 10tp

26.00 willow …then stage! map is reversed!

0.35 wall…missed sights 5tp…

Home to thorins hall!

0.50 places of dwarves…5tp

Winds of storm 5tp…when?

5.20am (time to go to work!) 45mins, 35TP

23rd dec13

Day10 pt2

2100 45 mins of stupidity in Rath Teraig Gondamon and though it would be a little short cut to Celondim…it was not!

…spiders done and most of goblins…got killed by elite gobs…my own stupidity. Nr 1 son should not enjoy killing spiders so much…he loved it!

10PM: 45mins, 20TP

Day11 pt1

0430AM ok normal Ered Luin guide being followed


13.00 wolf 5tp

25 ally of Ered Luin 10tp

33 gobs in the vineyard adv 10tp

5.15AM: 45 mins, 25TP

Am running this at level 17 but very close to level 18, most of mobs in this part of Ered Luin are now greyed out…which makes picking em all up and smashing them a bit slower… without the extra VIP XP would be slightly lower and maybe would actually be quicker.

Champ comment: my tree is all yellow


almost maxed Blade Damage, and am actually loving Raging Blade. The Sound is great and it simply decimates packs of low mobs…


Maybe I am not generating TP as fast as I would like but I am enjoying this run.

Living on the edge is great in LOTRO…

‘Something right with the world today

And everybody knows it’s wrong

But we can tell ’em no or we could let it go

But I’d would rather be a hanging on


Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Livin’ on the edge

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah’

Aerosmith – Living On The Edge


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