LOTRO: The end is the beginning..of VIP!

30 Dec

VIP free trial #6


Day 12 to 14

Well managed to play quite a bit of LOTRO over the so called festive period…Wrapped up Ered Luin

elf archi

Gotta love the Elf Architecture…unless you fall off a stairwell!

hendy slayer

Yep 90 handies have met their maker!

feeding lynx

Great quest…little baby lynx…to sick mum…ignoring the fact that you will be killing them by the drove in the Lone Lands!

I didn’t manage to keep record of my progression, my enthusiasm for timing Gullorodspiseret’s TP run ran out!

But am still having fun with Jean Luc…

loot box contents

Loot box that gives you back a sturdy key! Love it!


And still pretty well tooled up!

Finally done the introduction to skirmishes: mainly so could use the traders for a might cloak and some jewellery!

skirm painting

Jean Luc is pointing in this ‘painting’!

smart soldier

Er would you trust this soldier? Will be swapping him for an archer ASAP!

1310 TP total…295 to begin with and 500 from VIP so managed to grind out 515 TP, surely no way near 50TP per hour and there are more to come as even though Tordy has over 100GP in the nank for some reason Windfola has gone really quiet and the AH simply does not have enough ‘Rep Carrots’ for sale to create fast rep TP!

Jean Luc has only gotten half way through most of his class deeds…and has yet to wrap up Barrow downs and Old Forest before moving on to Lone Lands and Evendim…

The TP will flow…some more…and will I ever be able to delete this char…maybe rename the poor Captain!

When is a captain not captain? When he is a champion that looks like a captain!



As predicted I ‘forgot’ to cancel my ‘free’ trial and am now VIP…30USD + charges that the Argentinian Government will hammer us with is yet to be coped with but am sure we will not starve…

So final thoughts:

Free Riding skill is great, just a silly race against the clock around Hengstecer’s farm at lv20 (I failed 4 times as I couldn’t find gate 9!)

Free XP: makes levelling too fast! I out levelled Ered Luin while running Ered Luin with only the most minimal of XP to be earnt!

Traits: all slots are available as earnt simply fantastic J

All areas available…well for now…and I didn’t really use that feature as I was basically grinding a lowbie!

All skirmishes available: this is better and a real seller: will play around a lot more J

30 slots in AH has been very useful (I had 15 beforehand!)

Currency and bags were already maxed…

Training Intro skip-able: great but a huge time saving would be to be able to jump to lv5…I now is Veteran Status available from LOTRO STORE…but how about making free of permanent for VIP?

Gold Hobbit Present: only once was it better than my silver hobbit present and they are nothing to rave about!

Wardrobe: great managed to free up loads of space

Swift Travel: actually not really used…mind I found it most irritating in Evendim…so let’s get there and be able to take the boat!

2 more char slots: ok these will be used J

Destiny Points…have been told not to forget and guess what I forgot, still no experience of using these…must check to see how many I have!

Monster Classes: er didn’t try…although wolf or spider?

All Crafting guilds: er 3 month goal get there with all chars!!!

Log in: priority, really?

Support: odd this that VIP get it while Premium only for 30 days after purchase and F2P none…silly I would think all players should get full support and that should be a top goal for TURBINE!

Checking to see if I missed anything and found this forum thread: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?377885-What-happens-if-answers-about-the-account-types it basically explains the ups and downs of different play types and what changes when you change…


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