LOTRO: Fil Gog An Again…!

3 Jan

Had to get back into the Wall of Moria area this morning and hopefully complete the outstanding expedition level as well as Book II chapter 1…and be able to finally enter into Moria with Tsuhelm.

Set the alarm early and disaster…I had to go on a mosquito hunt…my wife had been attacked during the night and insisted that I take them out…so 5 squashed mossies later and I have only 45 mins left ūüė¶

So ran straight to¬†Filgog√Ęn…

levitating infront of entrance...

levitating infront of entrance…

Then inside, 2 RED half-orcs stand around and one is on walkabout, after he wanders off I take them out and wrap up by taking MR. wanderer out.

Next 2 Cravens to take down…

Clubbing with 2 birds, they keep deflecting my attentions...

Clubbing with 2 birds, they keep deflecting my attentions…

As these mobs are red Tsuhelm is failing to land hits on them…

the pit first look

After fighting my way sensibly avoiding too much attention, and moving on quickly as not to be caught by respawns, Tsuhelm reached the big pit, now to find a way down…

fall into pit...

lucky fall..

Well after stepping off the edge Tsuhelm ended up at the bottom, luckily he didn’t land in the middle of too many Orcs…and look the way down is opposite.

Success...take the left path!

Success…take the left path!

More Half-Orcs defeated and small passageway hidded at end of the pit leading to larger space…


There is Mr. G… After defeating him…easily Tsuhelm sorted through the piles of bones for the missing gold tooth!…

Ok time to head back…now how the hell to get back up! Where was that stair…

Tsuhelm basically runs for it now…time is running out, need to go to work….pick up quite a group of fans!

Oh no that stupid dwarf is hanging around waiting for the gold tooth, he stands and watches without lifting a short hairy digit in Tsuhelm‘s aid as the pack of Half-orcs cut him up…just for a tooth…

Dead...well in LOTRO moraled out!

Dead…well in LOTRO moraled out!

OK Tsuhelm hands in the Gold Tooth to the stupid dwarf…and fights his way out steadily, less haste more speed!

FREE… ready to complete the easy Walls of Moria Epic Questline…but first work…er after using this sturdy key just dropped on this chest that also just dropped….


erm… 20 tomb raiders sashes and the chest is still there! What the!


Where I made this nice map:



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