LOTRO: Dude! The Old City…Done!

15 Jan

The Dude: I will take it!

[they don’t hear him; he raises his voice]

The Dude: I will take it!

[they fall silent, looking at him]

The Dude: I will take the Ring to Mordor!


The Dude: Though… I do not know the way.

Tsuhelm started off the morning by running Legendary Item Title Quests: The Training Hall and The Mithril Slaves…getting easier with each run. Fused Relics deconstructed and melded…slowly building up some higher tier relics…

So back to Deep Descent need to wrap up the Silvertine Lodes. Sori [sorry!] sends Tsuhelm to find Öndótt which opens a small cluster of quests that I missed with Tsudryt.

Following Öndótt, open the big door and step into the Old Silvertine City, Öndótt is waiting…he quickly sends Tsuhelm off to kill Cave claws and destroy their nests, kill pesky Dragonets and check out the colourful Crystals…and the bottom of the stairs Tsuhelm finds a riddle carved into the stone…oh those fun loving dwarves…

‘I can sizzle like bacon; I am made with an egg,

I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg,

I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole,

I can be long, like a flag-pole, yet fit in small holes.

What am I?’

Fair enough…Tsuhelm while pew pewing caveclaws and dragonets finds a stone plaque with a snake on…er…that must be the solution (there are no other plaques around to be pressed…)

Wow another riddle:

‘At night, I come without being fetched.

By day, though lost, I am not gone.

All know me, but only the ocean heeds my call.’

And look some chests with different icons above them…

Oh look a moon chest…! That must be the answer. Finds a key…

Here is a riddle for you:

‘When is a riddle not a riddle?’ When it’s a LOTRO riddle!


OK so that was over quickly, continue the slaughter of cave claws, dragonets and crystal watching!

Back to Öndótt to wrap up… a new cloak reward for solving the riddle: Twisttongue’s Cloak…nice much better than equipped cloak…+35 Agility!

Oh and Tsuhelm is sent back into the city to find some ORES…wow never done that before! Ore collected and then asked to go back to Thettmárr in the Deep Descent camp…get to ride Öndótt’s goat!

Finished for the day…almost lv52.

Quests done:

Unwelcome Tunnellers

Dragonets of the Old Silvertine City

The Colours of Crystals

Ore Samples IV: The Old Silvertine City

The Deep Descent Awaits

[ ] A Riddle in an Old City

Nice to be back playing LOTRO…


The Dude: Take it!

Stranger: No, Dude.

The Dude: You must take it!

Stranger: You cannot offer me this ring!

The Dude: I’m giving it to you!

Stranger: Don’t… tempt me Dude! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand, Dude. I would use this ring from a desire to do good… But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.


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