LOTRO: Surrealistic Arse Kicking!

21 Jan

throne2So with the arrival of Weekend I could look forward to moving Tsuhelm a bit further through Moria…er well I moved him from Silvertine to Crossroads but that was all…then more Dolven View for ‘mining slaves’ and ‘training hall’ quests (almost get the Orc adv slayer deed done) and task handing in …

While wandering around in Moria I started to complete my class tier deeds and the tree points were very nice and after investigation I realized that I had yet to complete the lv50 hunter quest which will now after HD reward a tree point…so off to Archet…I hate getting to Archet…need a stables or quick link…then AH (none of required items are available) then to Angmar…oh not yet unlocked vol1 book 6 infact on chapter 2…so lets go for a wander and start Warg deed, Angarian deed and complete orc adv deed!, kill a boar GRIMGOAR to complete boar slayer deed 10 more TP! Find Halls of Night! 10 TP..this instance is so cool!

Bleach like…well a bit like Uryū Ishida…bow n all

Uryū Ishida2

And looking at some screen shots some of the rooms are cool…upsideydown library!

halls of night upsidedown

Best Guide I found: http://www.tentonhammer.com/lotro/guides/update3/halls-of-night

But the gameplay is a bit boring…TOMB tomb guard and spectres spawned by tomb…more n more n more …and being a hunter Tsuhelm is getting pasted way too quickly…must be a way to solo…claims as a champ lv40!!! OK lv53 hunter not going to be able to do it…but will keep trying it does look cool…some kinda bonus for killing same colour but everything is pale white…WHAT colour!


A friend came online with his 63 mini and we rocks through some skirms: I must admit that I felt a bit worthless in comparison!

He drags me off to Great river but wife wakes up and time for gardening!

Another morning in Dolven View for Tsuhelm: Tsuhelm‘s 1st Legendary bow reaches lv40 (MAX!) and is deconstructed…nothing that special…start up a lv53 LI bow of third age…already surpassed DPS from previous. Oh he lost all his equipped runes…need to get another crafted rune of agility!

Also wander into the library to half complete Cave Claw adv killer…and manage to complete Goblin adv slayer deed while walking back to Dolven…

Tsudryt is crafting and buying and selling…

That is all in LOTRO …I want to play more but wife, kids, garden and pool are getting in the way!


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