LOTRO: Residents Play Moria

31 Jan

Volume II, Book 2: Echoes in the Dark

Foreword: Echoes in the Dark – Optional

Did…without even noticing…

Chapter 1: New Residents

the residents

Kill 12 gredbyg…not tricky, they are everywhere! I actually like the vibrating noise they give off…reminds me of summer days (cicada’s) except here I am down a big dark dungeon…

Chapter 2: Store-houses of the Western Halls

This was slightly irritating as you have to basically go back to the entrance of Moria…

Store-houses of the Western Halls

Chapter 3: Zigilburk the Unrivaled

Wow you get to open a locked door and enter the ‘Chamber of Command’!

Chapter 4: Enemies in the Ever Dark

OK back to the library (Katûb-zahar) full of deep-claws n cave-claws, 14 to kill, and search all their nests to find clue to door location…it was the last nest I searched!

Chapter 5: Half a Riddle

Arthur Piddle! Speak to daddy the sceptic….

Chapter 6: Goblins in the Western Halls

Get sent to Silvertine Lodes to kill goblins and pick up maps – they are not dropped but need to be found…1 drove me nuts as I could see it but couldn’t find a way to get to it! Eventually entered the Goblin camp and found a map straight away!

Chapter 7: The Empty Passage – Solo Only

Instance: Really should be called the empty Instance, after killing yet more Gredbyg, quickly exploring 3 empty forges, perform a salute emote, you get to kill 3 goblins…and, er that’s it!

Chapter 8: The Twenty-first Hall

Now off to 21st Hall to pick up Book III


…this is further into Moria and Tsuhelm has yet to complete The Stone Hall quests so he heads North instead. Wrapped up and ready for batwoman slaying…

Tsuhelm is almost lv58…really needs to get his lv53 LI bow levelled to max so can deconstruct and equip a later more powerful LI bow…hate this system…like the benefits but hate the grind.

Tsudryt in still in AH not selling much and running out of cash..crafting weaponsmith guild craft rep items…almost maxed.

Luflaf on Silvrlode, Tsukuld on Withywindle and Opopa on Laurelin are just playing with Hobbit presents…NOTHING exciting at all indeed gold generally poorer gifts than silver!

As I have ground out most of the VIP benefits with TP and only lack content the VIP benefits are seriously not that enticing, may slip back to premium next month…

Oh well this weekend should see Tsuhelm wrap up much more of Moria…if I don’t get distracted by friends and go off skirmishing!

Final thought: atmospheric music for playing while adventuring in Moria by the Residents -‘Mush-Room’ from the album Mush-Room!)


4 Responses to “LOTRO: Residents Play Moria”

  1. catchersrule January 31, 2014 at 19:29 #

    I hear you about the VIP stuff; I went back to F2P for financial reasons, and am not really missing much I found. Good luck with your bow!

    • tsuhelm February 3, 2014 at 07:51 #

      My pre work LOTRO fix ended with me maxing my bow…so ready for a lv57 one…need to remove runes, de-construct and rebuild…

  2. NaktiesKarys February 3, 2014 at 06:11 #

    Have u tried to start some deeds in Trollshaws/ North Downs? If not, advice to start ones so that you gain TPs later.

    • tsuhelm February 3, 2014 at 07:54 #

      Tsuhelm has most of North Downs done…(it was the first expansion he got!) and I bought Trollshaws too, mostly completed pre VIP. (looks like TSUHELM is making a comeback and may actually iovertake my cappy on Landroval to become my main again…

      Erm…must find time to hook up on withy again, Tsukuld is sat in Lone lands having just started TP grind there…:)

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