LOTRO: 60 60 60 Number of the Tsuhelm

5 Feb

‘Woe to you O middle earth 
For he sends the hunter with wrath
Because he knows that time is short
Let him who hath understanding recon the number of the hunter
For it is a human number
It’s sixty, sixty, and sixty.’

Iron Maiden – ‘The Number Of The Beast’


Lv 60 in Moria (or this could actually be lv59…who knows…lol)

Tsuhelm on Windfola got to Level 60 today…He finally caught up with Captain Tsudryt that I started on Landroval….and it looks likely that he will glide past …well until gets blocked by not having Isenguard (forgetting that I am VIP for 1 more month…COOL :))

Tsuhelm has also harvested and de-constructed ALL his Legendaries: Wrapped up from yesterday

Invested all but 1 of resulting XP runes into new bow…1 into his new club. (Again blew 195TP on relic removal…really must stop this…that TP is for Isenguard.)


Oh I have yet to apply my drowned kingdom scroll to impart Ancient Dwarf damage to the club.

Also while checking screenshots this morning found the following:

Some Goats:


Hello I’m Tsuhelm the Blind Hunter!

I couldn’t find and were right infront of me!

Orc Traps

Orc Traps

A Moria landscape quest found, need to reset 6 traps and it even looked like they activated when I drew an Orc close to it (not sure it did anything …) Interactive scenery is something that is really missing in LOTRO.

That tankard of beer

on the piss

drink till u drop

lv 59 LI’s purchased

stocking up on li 21sthall

21st Hall Hunter Legendary Seller

‘606060 the number of the hunter

Tsuhelm was spawned to be released’

Iron Maiden – ‘The Number Of The Beast’


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