LOTRO: Beam Lottery Snow Bugbear Fog Maps Race

6 Feb

拉普山小種 #3

Stuff from LOTRO forums


Cappys beaming messages to outer space when hit…bug?

The dev RockX (Hard eggs LOL) has sense of humour…

‘Everytime the captain gets hit, one of those effect triggers, generating what you see in the picture: hits from different sources all triggering the same effect at the same time.’

Dead Lottery?

Lotteries dead…so why are they still linked to on the LOTRO website…fingers crossed they will be back one day!

SNOW vid

AWESOME fanvid (going around other sites) – and nice +ve thread 🙂

Bugbears in LOTRO

A bugbear found in LOTRO..actually in conertation of it being a bugbear that mobs throw heat seeking rocks…

Hits being based on char stats evade and the accompanying animation not applicable…now heat seeking bugbears could be introduced…they are a kind of goblin which is a kind of Orc…(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bugbear)

bwg (evil spirit or goblin) in WelshLIKE


…how about fog and mist in game for weather…

Deed maps (mentioned before in other posts…)

Whiteberry has clear concise maps of ALL areas…and still has time to play!

In fact listen to her in this great discussion about ‘Girls and Gaming’ 

Man of Elf?

Man hunter or elf hunter? The 5% bow is a dps factor but I think after playing the game which ‘flavor’ you prefer actually wins out…


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