18 Feb


Thanks to LOTRO Players News:  for reading out one of my stupidities…er…poems…


There is an ork on my fork

Is a bit of a dork

Called Mork from York

Feeds off pork and cork

At work likes to roar “Rork!”

That ork on my fork

Worked forking pork

Not po’kin and fo’kin cork

For k, (in Spanish, ‘por k’

Porque? no se!) Wor’ k! Cor! k!

That ork on my fork

Forked tongue ork twisted

Torked norking sork zork

Korky oorky gorky tork

Borkin’ mad that Ork

On my Fork

Here is part 2:


It was an iffy ork, not a whiffy orc.

Ife, not Mindy, is the wife of Mork the ork.

Together they reach for knife and fork,

to eat bifé and pork!

Surprised and knifed by Bjork, with a fork!

Uncorked, life taken in a jiffy…

Bjork could be an orc…if ‘e small one!


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