LOTRO: Having FUN With Nomenclature, LI’s, Summer Sun, Levelling and 5 Skill Points

19 Feb

拉普山小種 #5

Stuff about LOTRO


That old argument of levelling in LOTRO

…ranges from I can do it in 12 hours to go slow and enjoy…

5 skill points up for grabs lv88-94 from linear quests

…erm…sounds a bit ridiculous to me…hopefully will be changed by the time I get there…in 2015/16

Cloak of the Summer Sun

– My Captain is Mr. Orange!

Are you happy with LI’s?

I’m not but can see that after a while it does turn into a production line…

Good advice from Leixy:
It just takes learning how to become efficient at it, things like:
1. always cooking LIs to lvl 60 itemxp before deconning (85 3rd ages would give 1-6 tier 7 relics on a decon and ItemXP rune of 830k-940k item XP) apply rune to next cooking LI and it will start immediately at lvl 50 or so…. you can literally earn hundreds of tier 7 relics a week that way.
2. on those cooked LIs refine your tier 5 or tier 6 relics, you’ll end up with 2-3k shards from each one. (earning 100k+ shards is easy this way)
3. use extra shards on empowerment scrolls so you don’t have to grind instances as much.
4. reforge cooking LIs specifically looking for legacies you need.
doing these 4 steps will make your LI life immensely easier to handle.

My 200th forum comment…whoop!

As I posted the other day, in The good the bad and the ugly,

we the community must have fun!

Great to see so many LOTRO’ers having fun with language here:

Sapience closing a thread quite nicely…

Which leads quite nicely into:

Nomenclature of LOTRO forum posters

I am a …a WORKER…I think.


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