LOTRO: The Mississippi Squirrel Revival

6 Mar

拉普山小種 #8

Stuff about LOTRO

More poetry on another LOTRO Players News 🙂

I told u so has to do with Ent play!


Up and under here we go…
Are you ready yes or no?
Descendent of Pontarddulais, Half Welsh me is…
Ethelros in Wales…he is…not understanding!
Dylan Thomas best wordsmith, from the valleys…
Leek in one hand, brains in other…dragon a flapping!
‘Mae Plaid Cymru yn addo rhoi Cymru’n Gyntaf.’
Not a welsh speaker myself thanks to my Pa…
‘Bore da a Nos da…chwaraewyr LOTRO…’
Up and Under here we go,
Another silly poem for the LOTRO Players Front Row.

A hobbits journey starting on EPIC quest compendium

The endeavor itself is truly an epic quest!

Lottery dropped from LOTRO.com website 😦

Been broken for ages but now hidden away…Sapience still trying to get it fixed and back. I for one hope they do. NOT winning a lottery was always more fun than getting a Hobbit Present (Silver or Gold!) And as pointed out it brings traffic to the website.

Oh and that broke last week…

Fixed …so I can get my fix.

Skirmish Introduction should be dropped – suggestion

Not too painful but once completed with 1 character repetition is rather pointless… And how about the intro? VIP’s can skip the training part but to hop strait to lv5 requires a 100TP spend for:

Veteran Status

As suggested above a server wide perk becomes accessible from in-game achievements… so VIP incentive to get char to MORIA and earn the ability to use VETERAN status for new chars ….

and further VIP incentive to get to level cap…SUPER VETERAN status would become available.

More VIP benefits are suggested…

Closing off an area for VIPs in the FORUM…no thx… The announced landscape post-delivery (it is already the most remarkable example of magic in LOTRO!) has not changed my mind to let my VIP lapse…

And a Squirrel…

Mississippi Squirrel Revival – by Ray Stevens

‘Is how He put that church back on the narrow way
With a half-crazed Mississippi squirrel!
The day the squirrel went berserk
In the First Self-Righteous Church
In that sleepy little town of Pascagoula!
It was a fight for survival
That broke out in revival
They were jumpin’ pews and shoutin’ “Hallelujah!’


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