LOTRO vs RW… RW Winning, I’m Losing!

6 Mar

What have I been doing lately…?


9 hr day with about 3 hrs commute (total)… my plans on heading back to civilization soon progress slowly (anywhere outside of Argentina!). Will probably need to find a new job…

Denmark would be easiest but wife doesn’t speak Danish… and immigration rules are impossible…so live in Malmo, Sweden work in Copenhagen, Denmark may be a possibility…wife doesn’t speak Swedish either…Oh! neither do I!

Cadiz, Spain would be my dream, surfing again :), but as there are NO jobs in Spain not likely…wife does speak Spanish and her best friend is in Madrid, I speak Spanish …well kinda!

London, England…OK if I can get transferred to the London office I will be pretty sorted but we don’t have a QA position there…(there is no QA for our team in GB we do that here!) I have great friends in London, they speak almost every language on the planet there, it will be so BLOODY expensive in London!

York, England…back to my old stomping grounds…”Hi Mum I’m home! Brought 2 kids and wife with me to stay!” 🙂 Actually family wise this would be first choice and for a while I may have to do this. My kids, nr1 and nr2 sons have never met their cousins, aunt and my mum would spoil them rotten. Less Spanish speakers here but there is a major university…

Builth Wells, Wales…erm last option really living with me Pa… he is talking about a new larger place which would be serendipitous but I have little faith in my old man’s projects…I would love to learn Welsh…my Dad never taught me anything… would still be within driving distance of the rest of my family up North in Yorkshire…job wise…clueless as what Wales has to offer.


3 times in February…the weather has been horrible the worst summer in Argentina my wife can remember. The pool is expensive to keep fresh and ready especially in the rain and storms! If not improving this month it will have to be drained…I could convert to BMX ramps and kill myself (been over 10 years since been on a BMX!)


Bad weather, floods but still warm…its bursting with life unlike me so we now have more of a huge jungle rather than a nice Garden. Thankfully the week I was ‘ill’ my wife stood up and took most of the major jobs that needed doing. Just wish we could exterminate the clouds of mosquitoes! …erm Dalek mosquito zapper anyone…I was thinking that a mini Patriot Missile system would be quite cool or mini laser turrets around doorways and windows…at times I wish I could NUKE the whole lot of em!

and LOTRO…?(this being a LOTRO blog!)

…er very little really… had a flu(lite) which failed to prevent me from going to work but hammered me with fatigue each night! Tsuhelm and Tsudryt are both still stuck in Moria…Tsuhelm is really trying to get going using Epic quests to avoid all the side quests distractions…got lost as couldn’t find how to get to Nud-Melek. But good news on Withy…Tsukuld has joined the Family kin 🙂 Have been really enjoying messing around with my little RK…indeed a skill rotation guide is coming soon…work permitting should wrap up tomorrow.

talking about work…

I must back to work go 





2 Responses to “LOTRO vs RW… RW Winning, I’m Losing!”

  1. Pasduil March 6, 2014 at 15:04 #

    All the best with getting your move. Sounds like all your possible moves would be working with the same company – must be some company!

    York is a really nice place. Though it’s a very long time since I last saw it.

    • tsuhelm March 6, 2014 at 15:30 #

      I wish..only if I move to London could I stay in same company….(they may have Copenhagen/Madrid Office but not in my area…QA’ing financial translations – before that I had 10 years experience in Export for a company sounds like oops!)

      Maybe go back to lifting boxes for a living 🙂

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