LOTRO: One Week Flu Away!

13 Mar

Yeah got a flu, even worse, wife and nr1 son came down with it as well…nr2 son is simply a brute other than a slight runny nose (which he mixes with any available dirt to smear across his face!) he is simply immune to common diseases!

So managed to get only a little LOTRO play in (EVEN in the daytime which was nice :))

What did I do …er nothing much…

Tsudryt: finally selling Moria Rep items…even on Landy the market is drying up…where is everyone?

No pics of AH…boring…

Tsuhelm: Gave one big push to advance the Epic story line but distracted myself in The Flaming Depths…wrapped up the whole area and quests moved me towards the EXIT..so I hopped back to 21st hall…not ready for daylight yet!



Not stainless steel but maybe ‘rattus norvegicus’…


Should be more of stuff inside stuff…


Tsukuld: Family man…got the riding skill on second attempt…but only just…this is a VIP benefit? Woot…(SARCASM!)


My little pony… my first honest!

Tsukuld only has the freebie Rohan horse (pony), that will change…I hope… the armour is a bit OTT!

‘There’s Lots Of Rats Down Here
You Can See The Whites Of Their Eyes
They Got Sharp Teeth
Deep Breath
And Lots Of Diseases.’

The Stranglers – Down in the Sewers (Album: Rattus Norvegicus 1977)


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