LOTRO: Horses for Courses Part One

14 Mar

For the first time in ages I checked out some of my alts on Windfola…

Arwyneth 33 Elf Champion…Tailor extraordinaire (tailer guild crafting maxed)…I decided she needed to take advantage of the ‘free’ riding skill offered to VIPs…so a quick run to Bree travel and a ride on stable mount to Hengstacer Farm… Proving Your Quality quest needs to be done…(I did it yesterday with Tsukuld for his pony…BELOW) ok so as soon as you accept quest the clock is ticking…so make sure you know where the challenge horses are…and get there quick and click on horse to call another horse to mount. And off we go, it may be required that you turn around and run out of the farm depending on the direction you were facing when you called the mount. Follow the quest-tracker to the next gate……

During my first run with Arwynneth I hit a fallen tree and just missed a checkpoint, and to rub a ‘salt and vinegar crisp’ into the wound (Try it, it hurts!) I completely missed the second to last! OK redo! DONE easy 🙂


Look my lootbox horse: 68%speed and 250 morale…funky as hell…if a bit scary…need a matching horse riding outfit…are there jodhpurs in the game?


OK on a roll…

Dyort…41 Man Champ, weaponsmith crafter…ongoing guild crafting…seller of Fine Gondorion Swords…or as I frequently refer to them as GondArion…A is for ANARCHY! Sold another sword…has riding skill and a fine Eglain reputation horse – [need PIC]

Tordy…lv23…Man Lore Master AH buyer and seller…still needs riding skill…to do SOON!

Waywyn lv 27ish…(oh dear its been a long time since I did a recap ?) Man Warden got a horse…perlino steed.


I can fly! I can fly…

And need to get some matching togs for him as well…starter green is BORING!


In reverse….

Luflaf another Man Champ on Silverlode…hobbit present collecting… lv27? – another red skeleton


The horse n pony used in the riding challenge.

Tsuhelm: hippy on skeleton horse…



Lots more alts to sort out with rides…coming in PART TWO.


3 Responses to “LOTRO: Horses for Courses Part One”

  1. gloredh March 14, 2014 at 19:46 #

    oh you got lucky that red skelehorse is very rare, gratz on getting it! 😀

    • tsuhelm March 14, 2014 at 22:22 #

      I can´t remember how I came to have 2 of them!


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    […] Some of my chars on their horses and Horses n Goats […]

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