LOTRO: Lucky Eleven Pets LOTRO PLAYERS In The Dungeon, Its A Keeper!

28 Mar

拉普山小種 #11

Stuff about LOTRO



I listned to and then wrote a review for the LP NEWS I was fascinated by U13 Bullroarer 3 NOTES: Swift travel to Trollshaws…oh Yeah! Also good article on Does TURBINE want us to SUB?

LP also linked to MMO Reporter VIDEO of U13 stuff, also covered by MASSIVELY

Bring on the NON COMBAT Pets I say

‘Cosmetic pets? It’s about time! Turbine said that it’s keeping it small at first to see how the tech handles it and to gauge player reaction. All three of the pets are quest rewards; none of them can be purchased in the store.’



I could find nothing written about these new suggestions…weird…only an old thread dismissing the idea!


LI’s – Do they make you HAPPY?

That old Legendary Item thread was added to

and for something completely different:


Not the new class in LOTRO methinks!

Not the new class in LOTRO methinks!

Android version…now this is F2P gone wrong!

Missed this off my top 15 games: Dungeon Keeper…appropriate link ‘How the Hell did I get here? post’

Smack those imps…sequel had you torturing your dark mistresses – they enjoyed it!


2 Responses to “LOTRO: Lucky Eleven Pets LOTRO PLAYERS In The Dungeon, Its A Keeper!”

  1. catchersrule March 28, 2014 at 19:50 #

    You’re right, the notes are intriguing… do LI’s make me happy? NO, they’re a pain in the ass, truth be known; when it takes seemingly forever to get all the LI’s you loot identified, deconstructed, and then updated – not to mention the really aggravating grind to get even ONE gem made for a warhorse, and then waiting for others in your fellowship to do the same (ahem, I love my husband dearly, but every time we go wandering together with high level characters, it takes him twice as long as it does me to get this all done!).

    • tsuhelm March 28, 2014 at 22:38 #

      lol…a quiet stroll sounds complecated 🙂

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