LOTRO: More Family Shenanigans

1 Apr

Family life: Tsukuld is having fun, or is that I am having FUN with Tsukuld

Quite early in Tsukuld experienced a technical problem entering the crafting hall in Esteldin. The GIF below is basically how it felt to me, although kin members that came to visit described me as swimming through the air…

falling GIF

Unstuck out once and stupidly thinking that would have fixed it went back…to the same…


Like a fish outta water!

Next Dixtrix came to my rescue, pulled me out using a fellowship travel:

Round of applause for Dixtrix (Who looks very like Sean Bean of GoT fame!)

Round of applause for Dixtrix (Who looks very like Sean Bean of GoT fame!)

So off I go to Bree via Lalia’s Shop …OH no NOT again…

RP in Lalia's bree

R: What manner of affliction has caused that? T: Must be a curse…

Shocked a few standers-by and even entered into some RP chat with Rodolin, Recruiter for Fire and Death…

Rodolin RP

T: It is a ‘Family’ affair… R: Oh if it is a family problem I will depart…

Dixtrix again came to the rescue…I logged off and when I returned crossed my fingers and entered the Bree crafting hall and the bug or curse, whatever it was, had gone away!

This week Tsukuld has been busy again in North Downs…

HORNY: Heritage restored Quest


Here it is…

ico springs to mind


balance the horn


Completed this and decided to pose with some very well endowed (with horns!) Earthkin!

Figetting earthfolk

Will you stay still for the screeny!

When is a dragon not a dragon? When it is a Wyvern. Mother Wyvern Quest


lots of drags2

Daddy too!

Tsukuld almost died of shock but Naglangon flew off over his head… leaving only Mummy and 2 young to account for. He took the young down one at a time and even with Dr. Quinn his landscape herbalist mummy punished him severely!

Disappointed Tsukuld tried again and died and was ported back to resurrection circle near Esteldin, so did some crafting…then he popped a deed scroll and headed back. Managed to complete normal and adv wrym slayer deed but got killed again by Mummy! So went into western North Downs to hunt redeemers with the 30 mins remaining deed boost, completed advanced 🙂

Trolling trolls: The Troll-keeper Quest 

Tsukuld had intended to solo this but Naktieskarys a lv95 Champ Family member came along and kicked some troll butt…It was difficult to keep up!



And those pesky trolls and orcs in Dol Dinen, all armoured and very scary … they were next!


Troll Siege

Masters of the Black Siege , SiegecraftWeakening the Tide

They were no match for Nakties 🙂 … After that we headed north for that pesky mummy wyvern, I had planned to get a pic of its demise but it was over too quickly!

I bade Natkies farewell (he needed to eat, must be tiring being so OP!) I handed in all the quests (All over North Downs…look forward to update in 2 weeks – APR 14) and most distressing of all found I had to go back into Dol Dinen again…

Natkie’s Blog

lv40...at last!

lv40…at last!

It was the last straw so I jumped back to Bree and headed to Rivendell…time to head up into Misty Mountains…


Talking about the new Huorn pet to be (been active on the thread with lots of Monty Python stupidity 🙂 CHECK IT OUT)

T: Imagine…your pet is scared its rooted to the spot!

T: fellowship gathers round the warming campfire…you turn around to pet your little tree to find it gone.

T: Was that bark from your pet….*hands over a peice of bark*

Meepolo: that when you know you’re coned

T: so acorny!

M: keep an open mind – it might spruce the game up a bit

T: been pining for a change…

M: leaf it to the designers to make the game more wooden

T: oh I like that old chestnut!

T: That pet of yours is a real beech!

Meepolo is a Family member…sharp he is…just what I need to stimulate more stupidity!

Life is good in the Family on Withywindle in LOTRO


2 Responses to “LOTRO: More Family Shenanigans”

  1. taltoz April 1, 2014 at 16:28 #

    Great post buddy
    i forgot to tell you, the bystanders ripped into me for poking the dwarf piñata 😈.

    Shaun Bean….. Roflmao
    Shaun Bean Onscreen, Has bean on Keyboard 😉

    • tsuhelm April 1, 2014 at 21:29 #


      Heh! no pokin the dwarf…!

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