LOTRO: Fanboys, Poets and Raw Unmitigated OPP Crop Circle Fowl

3 Apr

拉普山小種 #12

Stuff about LOTRO


LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS ep40 Run Away Another Day

My blog post reviewing the show which was Brax’s pick of the week 🙂

I liked Andangs comment about neurons exploding all over the place…don’t worry folks even I thought this post was a bit too explosive thought wise…no less fun…but a very raw experience.

Fan boy, me..Ethelros…

Don't make me mad!

Don’t make me mad!

They asked for my RAW notes – must be nuts have a look at the bottom of the page (and that is cleaned a little!)

My POEM was read out and they laughed but I think a Pine-leaf poetry show would be cool…

DO they want us to SUB? 
Sullo has very good response…

And this week I found out that Turbine auto renews the subscription…have yet to explain to wifey the extra 3 months of VIP that I didn’t even want!


Mitigations change U13 Bullroarer thread 
The need to balance LOTRO discussion heats up…actually not fixing classes first before working on broad mechanics does sound a bit stupid.

Is the game harder in U13

Will be great if it does as a challenge is truly needed. Someone commented negatively about f2p – offended me!

p4 of discussion of the changes being made to try and do this…will it be enough…soon find out!

Over levelling Content
OPP…over powered players…

Crop Circles

Amazing picture…going to get farming and make my own. In the discussion I realised for first time that the same crop is used for all crops…how cheep of them…

April fowl…really I would have preferred bobble heads as GW2 got…


100acre wood…[I have no idea…]
Ethelros fanboy…

Sauff London
Great start ..this is gonna be fun
Draculleta fan club sign…DO IT! (not on Youtube ‘vid’…i wound back to check!)
Swift travel! Screenshots…yeah!
mixing LOTRO and real world FB…yeah only when it demonstrates OTT playing can be embarrassing! emotes to screenshots…who won?
VIP I dont count TP earnt as a VIP perk if I do not need to spend it!
VIP all skirmishes…
Pine leaf was wrong…
Positive fools
Suicide is painless.mash unit in LOTRO…NEW CLASS…

awesome notes!

rapid fire thoughts…

escort quests…
npc’s r stupid…AI AI AI.
Pine leaf ridiculous
old sally is crazy pain in arse…lalia and sara oakheart…pig n sheep in Shire…
Why an NPC is rescued and then wants to go back into mob camp for whatever is a pain…
Escort quests…ever done a good one? Off top of head I had some great ones in Battle Zone II (RTS/ACTION) – got to be hard but not impossible and AI must make sure NPC is not stupid!

How about the NPC actually protect u…rescue an NPC and work together to take on bigger prey and add more npcs to build up a fake fellowship…would have to be solo only!
NPC follows behind and gives further quests…not really at risk…
multiple bills … kill bills…
mental stimulation…

baby sitting…
Grim reaper in LOTRO…?

AI coding…in LOTRO!

Tsuicidal…some of the solo quests are much easier with different classes…


And why do they go back and get stuck again…even if u cannot do them again… no way to hide them once quest done…

Run away to live to run away another day!
Making fun of your hands or fans…

Build that Community 🙂


Poetry Spin off show? Indeed Pineleaf poetry show!

Congrats on 40!




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