LOTRO: Sign in Misty Mountains, ‘Warning. Beware Of Mammoths!’

4 Apr

‘Sign O the Times mess with your mind
Hurry before it’s 2 late’

Prince – Sign O’ The Time

Tsukuld family life continues to be entertaining… I got tired of North Downs and headed into the Misty Mountains..first stop Gloin’s Camp…nice to have orange mobs to kill and if not too greedy could handle 1 or 2 mobs at a time. Killing bears was especially fun for some reason. I also went up the hill to the stairs to place a sign…

On tip-toe...no on my heals!

On tip-toe…no on my heals!

Back to Gloin’s and Rivendell 😦 more bears to kill…

second sign...better than worm sign!

second sign…better than worm sign!

I ventured down this path and encountered lots of tough dwarves which I was glad to see drop pages for all my legendary books so I imagine they are going to get a pasting soon… Giants and Nasty trolls at the end…RUN AWAY!   While killing snow beasts I passed by a hobbit minstrel, I thought it strange that she was moving around but not killing anything…I backtracked and started a RP conversation, you just never know…and RP’ed lite we went off to kill some beasties…she rocked with her bass and being lv80 was soon rocking the beasties to death…was difficult to keep up!

AIr guitarist supremo

Air guitarist supremo

Thanks Lynaria (made friends with her on Windfola as well, 2 TP grinders there!)

Lynaria, lv80 Mini rocks!

Lynaria, lv80 Mini rocks!

Beast slayer deed basic done and adv started and with Bears killed back to Gloins and Rivendell 😦 Tsukuld had levelled to 41 and half so time for new armour…crafting time. After completing the pristine armour set – light fate armour, had loads of exceptional leathers left (yeah that did confuse me at first …I got out all my pristine leathers ran across Rivendell to Crafting space (hate this place!) only to find needed exceptionals!) It felt good that Tsukuld could actually pass back some of the leathers I was sent by family members to other family members. An Attack at Dawn later and lv42! Woot! Equip armour and head off up into the mountains again… Time to take on some Mammoths: mammoth hunt tusk 1 down NEXT

Only found 2 outta 3 of the mammoth rings! The giant pachyderm hunt will continue, it always saddens me to kill the neutral wildlife in LOTRO. I try not to do it. I am sorry little winter fox…you were too close to the area attack target!

Having fun in LOTRO…pages needed (but can also pick them all up in Moria), few more levels and I will be heading off for my Legendary… lets see if I can do what I have never done before…get OUT of Moria!

‘Some say a man ain’t happy, truly
Until a man truly dies
Oh why, oh why,
Sign O the Times
Time, time’

Prince – Sign O’ The Times

And a dwarf

Some say that a dwarf ain’t happy, truly
Until a dwarf has completed Moria, truly
… in time, in time.



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