LOTRO: Sign In Misty Mountains, ‘WARNING, Beware Of Giants!’

7 Apr

Continuing Tsukuld’s Misty Mountain wrap up…and getting close to lv45 when he can go off and claim his first LI…those Moria Depths are approaching.

Another signpost:

A broomstick in the snow...watch out for bears scratching their...oh no! Giant!

A broomstick in the snow…watch out for bears scratching their…oh no! Giant!

After this Tsukuld headed North to the ‘stairs’ trying to remember how you can travel East, finally he found the passage and commenced the warg and goblin slaughter. Tsukuld is easily zapping the mobs 1 or 2 at a time but is pushed when more mobs enter the frey, can cope better when in pyromaniac mode but is not as fun. I like the mobility the zappy RK provides – just wish he was a bit quicker about it!

Eventually found path again to explore further west and picked up more quests from some lonely dwarves before finally getting to Hrimbarg, where there is a stable, Tsukuld can quickly hop back to Rivendell and Gloin’s Camp again…

Hrimbarg ahead..mist cleared!

Hrimbarg ahead..mist cleared!

So time to take down some Goblins and Tempest Wargs…orange peeling and squeezing, mobs all orange! I actually died too many times taking out the Goblins and it was really frustrating collecting fire pots…mainly due to my own stupidity!

LOTRO funny!

LOTRO funny!

Dwarf exploding potion…burns beard! (sorry about the HUD..was a quick grab!)

Eywind: ‘Ha! Good work, Tsukuld. Now let us see those. There is not much a goblin can come up with that a dwarf can’t sort out in short order.
Eywind says, “What’s this…?”
Eywind says, “Hah. Little grubbers think they’re so clever, do they?”
Eywind says, “Eh? What’s this here?”
Eywind says, “Gah! My Beard!”
Nogmeldir says, “Not quite so clever with your beard on fire, are you Master Dwarf?”
Eywind says, “Cursed goblins… How dare they!”
Nogmeldir says, “Ah well. I guess we shall have to look for another solution.”

Back to Rivendell and decided to do some crafting…back to Bree…Tidied up vault and crafted some stuff for my Warden Tsucan…

The Family Leader Taltoz is a Warden fanatic and he took some time to help me get outta Archet with mine 🙂

'One day is as long as they last!'

‘One day is as long as they last!’

Got to lv6 by the end of this quick lesson of mouse movement and skill activation using keyboard. A gaming mouse is recommended… at the moment I cannot go backwards, jump or activate gambit without taking fingers of skill keys! That is not optimal!

I used the horse whistle to ride into Combe and on into Bree, I need to transfer the tailor scrolls out of Tsukuld vault and into Tsucan’s…he will be the tailor library can when not out and about!



4 Responses to “LOTRO: Sign In Misty Mountains, ‘WARNING, Beware Of Giants!’”

  1. taltoz April 8, 2014 at 03:43 #

    Your a warden now m’lad, you only go backwards carried upon your shield 💀

    • tsuhelm April 8, 2014 at 09:54 #

      That lad be young..Tsucan can follow in Tsukuld’s footsteps maybe sooner rather than later!

      • tsuhelm April 8, 2014 at 09:54 #

        After I buy a cheep gaming mouse…


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