LOTRO: Hanging Out With The In Crowd

16 Apr

Tsukuld is ready to depart from Rivendell and head into Moria…but first must meet some ME celebrities.

gandalf n frodo

Frodo: What do you think of Elven civilisation? Gandalf: I think it is a great idea!


aragon n that carpet

The purple carpet treatment…must look like I am interested or is that interesting?

gimli the 'man' er dwarf

He is the ‘man’!…er dwarf!


This guy is too cool!

legolas levitating

Your tall enough elf…less of the levitating!

But before then Tsukuld is running support only for Tsucan, lv12 Warden and Tsuchump, lv12 Champion.

I need 950TP for Friday morning to get Helms Deep in the 50% LOTRO store sale!

So a grind run of EPIC length is about to start…thank you Easter Bunny for coming early to Argentina…Thursday and Friday free..no work!

Warden levitates_boaring!

Tsucan can levitate too! Boring you say…oh Boar!

When Helms Deep is in the pocket…(Deep pockets needed for Helm!) will continue to play with U13 changes…


One Response to “LOTRO: Hanging Out With The In Crowd”

  1. tsuhelm April 21, 2014 at 09:49 #

    Due to not getting my act together I failed by 700TP to get HD! (mainly due to this old man not being able to stay awake all night like I used too!) Saddening and oddley put me off LOTRO for a few days…

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