LOTRO: Se7en!

23 Apr

A look back at LOTRO over the years and what was I doing then…( I have been with LOTRO only just over 3 years!)


LOTRO Shadows of Angmar released – Gamespy game of the year!

In the days when PC games came in huge empty boxes...

In the days when PC games came in huge empty boxes…

Left my job in Denmark moved back to GB (hated it!) then back to DK …

PS2/gamecube/dreamcast/snes/pc (not online) and lots of pool and beer.


Mines of Moria expansion released – MMORPG readers choose Lord of the Rings Online as best MMO of 2008

I have actually been here...this is 6 years old...that means I am 6 years behind...oh no!

I have actually been here…this is 6 years old…that means I am 6 years behind…oh no!

I moved to Cadiz Spain…learnt to bodysurf and got carried away throwing Frisbee (was meant to be learning Spanish…hahaha!)…drinking, partying and travel

DOFUS online game of choice as ran on my macbook, also GameBoy DS (it was stolen!) small bit of Final Fantasy Tactics…

By mid year was in South America…C&C generals on powermac and DOFUS when internet connection ..but mainly travelling, drinking and partying


Seige of Mirkwood released

Dragon mounts... I must have missed that!

Dragon mounts… I must have missed that!

Chile back to Argentina…mid year have met wife to be…

Was seriously DOFUS’ing for first time while not partying…after moving in with ‘wife-to-be’ no more gaming…..


F2P WB bought game…

f2p lotrofree1 lotro_free_to_play_small

It doubles revenue!

Found LOTRO in February but mainly playing TRAVIAN and working (new job!) by Xmas start playing LOTRO again (vow never ever play travian again! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!)


Rise of Isengard released,  PC Gamer Magazine chose Lord of the Rings Online as the MMO of the year.

That a big tower...

That’s a big tower…

Nr.1 son arrives

playing LOTRO


RoR (Riders of Rohan) released

Choices choices choices!

Choices choices choices!



Nr2 son arrives



HD (Helm’s Deep) released


Looks like Slaine crossed with Braveheart!

No more kids…

Wii arrives, Skyward sword takes over from LOTRO for a month but generally LOTRO


LOTRO 7 years old and we got so far U13…difficulty is back, supposedly!


ugly 13

Do not LIKE this ENT!


New house swimming pool huge garden and worst summer ever…


Those SE7EN sins:

Lust: Wife innit!

Gluttony: Beer and Beef: life in Argentina 🙂

Greed: not good at this one…

Sloth: not gardening or cleaning house

Wrath: some stonking arguments with wife…that’s normal right!

Envy: Other people can play much more LOTRO than I

Pride: I may not be at level cap but I am quite happy about where I am in game.


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