LOTRO: Orcs n Dwarves

30 May

Tsuchump wrapped up all of the easy Quests left to do in the Lone Lands…East of Ost Guruth mainly left for later. First it is time to head north to the newly updated North Downs…

Some thoughts on the Lone Lands so far…(Ok I found some oldish screenshots :))

Logi and Henir are 2 dwarves that while working for the same side must really hate each other, they are found just inside the ‘door in the rock’ or Lorvinas…they are diametrically situated across a large drop in an empty hallway, devoid of feature other than a nice waterfall… What must have happened to keep these 2 bothers in arms so far apart?

d2 d1

LOTRO wiki:

Orcs and Dwarves

Logi inside Iorvinas:

  1. In either order:
  2. Dwarf, Interrupted


  1. There is Something in These Halls
  2. Orc, Interrupted

Refr Quicksilver (after both lines finish):

  1. Towards the Eglain

And last my favourite Warg rare elite mob:


Kraur looks like a Tiger but is a Warg!

The North, here Tsuchump comes…is Winter coming…? Well it is in Argentina!


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