LOTRO: LI’s And Dehumanization in Games

6 Jun

拉普山小種 #15

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)

Its been a month and a day since my last Lapsang Soushong…

I have been slow to get back into the LOTRO Forums but did read these gems:

Sex, LI’s and Digital Tape…er!

OK Legendary Items in LOTRO…er HATE em and hate em some more but they do serve a purpose in that they do function when built… on LOTRO Players made this great guide 🙂

Sullo helped me out by naming the Armour: ‘Tsu, that’s the the “Ceremonial Leijona Armour”, from the Lossoth in Forochel.’

I want some…



Not taking the human out of gaming! Lets put some personality into it! AI while your at it…or at least into the Quests and NPC’s…


World of Darkness…World of Chaos

The Ancient Gaming Newb catches a great story from the Guardian on WoD…how it became WoC…possibly because of management at CCP.

Me like acronyms…so some silly ideas for new  MMO’s:

WeE: you will wet yourself!

Wo!: Just stop!

WaK: hit it with a stick!

WiT : poor form of irony! Crafting system using words!

WiP: rawhide, western.

WaS: a truly retro MMO!

WiZ: an MMO based around wizards on rockets!

WiG: most MMO’s give you haircuts …but what about power infusing periwigs!

I’m sure the list is near endless…






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