LOTRO: Walls of Moria! Tsukuld is here…

10 Jun

Gandalf n Tsukuld

It has been a long time but I finally took Tsukuld, my RK, for a walk… He has been crafting since beginning of April. Now Artisan with the Tailor crafting guild and no need at the moment to raise it any higher.

So Tsukuld left Esteldin and travelled to Rivendell to bade fare well to the odd company…or was that a strange fellowship…


ScreenShot00005 Bye!


Frodo et al on the way time to head into Moria…so having visited the stable keep there already…I had tried to power level at some point but got stomped…so the Epic Volume bk2 was started proper-like. (I have hardly done any epic content with Tsukuld at this point!)

The Walls of Moria…3rd time lucky…lets see if I get out this time. Tsuhelm lv62/3 almost out, Tsudryt lv61 over halfway.

Tsukuld fancied a swim...did something just brush past his leg...

Tsukuld fancied a swim…did something just brush past his leg…

I have become very rusty with my RK skills and after playing with Tsuchump and Minitsu was amazed at how slow he kills stuff! Kills stuff with style but slowly, am in red line at the moment so we are in Toasty mode.

Essay of Fire, Essence of Flame, Smoldering Flame: is working well on everything I meet. Only struggle if more than 1 mob so am careful to attack only 1 at a time. Only in Half orc infested Filgogan does life get tricky but succeed.

I am sure I should be able to switch to heal attunement and use Epic for the Ages but have to settle for much weaker Prelude to Hope, as the green attunement vanishes too quickly!

Still playing around, looking at forums, trying to find better rotations….you can add some advice here on a new thread I created: here

If I find some way to maintain my green attunement bar should make life easier…maybe some RK viagra is needed

Well Moria here Tsukuld comes…

What u doing down there?

What u doing down there?


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