LOTRO: Swan Exploding Malphunksion & MORE!

24 Jun

拉普山小種 #17

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)


Healing the Masses 2 great blogs this week (er last week…recently?)

The Quest for Quests

Discussion on how we play MMO’s…leveling is it worth it? Group or Solo?

mamushka lotr

Links to links

a mamushka doll of gaming links

Linked to Braxwolf who has been playing with LEGO

which led me to listening to the LEGO movie song…

Yeah ‘Everything is Awesome’ in LOTRO too…(forgetting LI mistakes…)

Bow feathers

Wandering in Arda great costume with a bow with feathers…rather than the more normal arrows with feathers…

Rune Keeper

Very helpful guide to RK and giving me some ideas…

LOTRO PLAYERS NEWS – Swansploision!

episode 51 mention my Orc congrats comment I left on episode 50!

More importantly a great discussion of the LOTRO F2P  system…thought provoking…indeed I has so many thoughts I will be creating a blog post in the near future….


Sock it 2 me

U14 gonna introduce some new customizable equipment…ever seen pimp my ride?

Produktion Malphunktion

New Live producer better than a dead one I suppose! Really welcomed a producer starting a dialogue with the FORUM audience…risky…


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