LOTRO: Mithril Slaves

30 Jun

At last I have finished the MAP of

Legendary Item Title Quests: Mithril Slaves

Mithril Slaves

Obviously the mine is not so square and actually consists of some covered walkways which being complicated I have simplified.

Ran outta infused garnets so screen shots are still to come…Family kinship members have sent me some more which was great (special thx to Nakt and Pufta :))

Basically easy instance walk from entrance to where the Mine-Overseer (M) is to be found…kill everything…hammer the infused garnet into a Empowered Garnet and return to entrance! (That return bit is SO unneeded!)

At the moment I can handle slaves and guards together most times but Overseers I take down singularly (OK now I can even cope with them and the guards n slaves but not easily.)

One of the measures of my progression into Moria is how easily I cope with the 2 instances, training hall and mithril slaves…in the beginning it is tough and by the time I am about to leave (I have yet to leave!) it is simple beyond belief!)

I think there may be 1 more Overseer at the 3rd fire…will check tonight


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    […] intended I visited the Mithril Slaves instance again and did discover, as suspected, that there was another Orc Overseer so I have […]

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