LOTRO: Get Ya Fill O’ Kulled Turtle Soup!

8 Jul

Much talk in community online about Raiding in LOTRO, and Taltoz our kin leader introduced many of us, family kin members, to The Turtle!

Much maligned for its simplicity especially when OP it does have a very nice chest of goodies: lv60 first age LI’s and Moria medallions…

I had never done it before and I found it fun if confusing. The confusion having no dire consequence as was invited to ‘spectate’ more than partake… obviously we all tried to contribute to the best of our abilities and I think it is good learning experience of how to handle communication with big groups…even how and when to wait.

The importance of doing nought!

Nakt/Stormsong was also on 2 of the runs I joined, always fun 🙂 (The next few screenies got a bit mixed up…some may be watcher some turtle..lol, only a poor human!)

FIrst come first served

getting there…

Storm u surrounded yourself in green gas!

Stormsong sings its a gas gas gas!

Eh lad what ya doin? Red Fist?

Eh lad what ya doin? Red Fist?

Group pose....

Group pose….


Let the entertainment begin…pulls a ‘rabbit’ outta….thin air

OK where is it?

OK where is it?

There it is...

There it is…

Confused? I was...

Confused? I was…

It be dead!

It be dead!

OK we did this twice and it was fun, after turtle soup how about some Calamari?

Next on the menu some Watcher!

We gather...ready to crossWalking on waterWatcher wakesFamily swimming trip


Tsukuld died time after time but still had fun 🙂 I didn’t get a good shot of the Watcher…er must go back…

To celebrate Tsukuld went off even deeper into Moria…

Dancing time!

Dancing time!

Its now time to go crazy in Zelem Melek…DANGER! It is normally about here that Moria starts to get a bit tedious for me….

Long hallway in Zelem melek

Long hallway in Zelem melek

A long way yet to go… Turtles n Watchers break the monotony…more raids please 🙂


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