LOTRO: Wild Street Fighter Ork Bee Star Wit Sponge…

11 Jul

拉普山小種 #18

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)

ANCIENT GAMING NEWB does it again: New players coming to WOW

Read this quotation:

‘It isn’t that the genre doesn’t have a big enough audience, but that MMOs are like sponges.  They soak up players and hold onto them.’

So MMO’s R like moist sponges! (I love it!) Indeed you have to squash em really hard to get all the players out… makes sense…some players will stay even in the deadest of worlds…

I have yet to get 1 RW friend to play LOTRO my wife just laughs at me and walks away when I suggest she try…my best chance is to indoctrinate my sons but they are too young and it is unsure whether LOTRO will last into their mature gaming years…I am talking 10-20 years from now…what will MMO’s be like then? Will there be MMO’s then…? Scary thoughts…

It Bee a Tree wit Hides a Hive

‘To be or not to bee
Birds n bees
Bees n Trees!
Please! Please!’

Made me think that would be a great new hobby for LOTRO: bee keeping…farm honey for cooking, special bees in special places for honey infused with special effects…

Bee pets…

Now I am getting silly…er ok sillier…

Pet bees, killa bees… attack pet!

Stat upgrade for U14

lv100 equip stats? How does she do this?
Giseldah amazing job!


dates are not confirmed…

11 – 13 : Lootbox Weekend
18 – 20 : 25% Mark Acquisition Boost
22 – August 8 : Summer Festival
8-10 : Hobnanigans
15-17 : LootBox Weekend
22-24 : Buried Treasure
27 – September 1 : 100% Bonus XP
2 -16 : Farmer’s Faire
5-7 : Hobnanigans
16-24 : Bilbo’s Birthday
19 – 21 : Tale of the Shipwreck mariner
26-28 : Lootbox Weekend

Withy Spar Tournament

Kinship event on Withywindle server..this Sunday (July 13, 2014) gonna get a lv30 char and wife and family permitting go along to Weathertop to get beaten to a pulp! Oh 9am BA time…oh please let the wife n kids sleep extra long!

Nice link to a LOTRO comic not seen before: GREYHAMMER

Nice looks like painted LOTRO screenshots 🙂

Wanna fork an Ork OR hav a Ork on a fork on a tshirt?


U can: Andang – LOTRO PLAYERS attire here

Get better at Games?


I was dissapointed by this common sense article but did like this awesome comment:

‘I actually reckon the best games are where you are concious you are playing the programming and the programming is great.’

And really:

‘Back in the early days when I was an an avid Word of Warcraft player (this was before Blizzard killed their own game with the noxious Cataclysm expansion) it was common for players in dungeon groups to manually roll for dropped loot items via using the /roll command – The one who rolled the highest bumber won the loot. I remember constantly seeing people typing ‘/roll’ again and again, doing it multiple times prior to a boss fight.

The reason they did this was in order to “get all the bad rolls out of the way”. It was felt that rolling some low numbers in advance would ensure that a high number when it counted. I ended up doing the damned thing myself after a time… even though I knew it was completely daft.’

WOW players did this….! I mean: WOW! WOW players did this…!


I found this Guardian article, I really liked the ‘procedural content generation’ (PCG)


One of my all time favourite games is back…been blistering my fingers since 1991 (not of late sadly :()

‘Only time will tell what cracks lie beneath the surface. In the meantime, however, it’s impossible not to admire the elegance with which Capcom has tackled some complex systemic challenges, and the effect its solutions have had on the way the game feels.’

An old game that continues to grow and develop, not always in ways that were intended…now I wish TURBINE would do the same as CAPCON and let LOTRO evolve as well…

Getting a 9 from Edge and so wish I could find a good arcade to give it a proper bashing…


‘But the recent history of the MMOG is a story of games caught between audiences, brands and genres.’

Oh yes indeed that is where MMO are: you can also throw in billing methods to that cocktail…

‘Advanced play means chaining together ‘rotations’ – efficient runs of spells and abilities – while moving, dodging, watching your periphery and managing your resources.’

Sounds complicated, nice.

Overall an 8 was awarded…pretty good… not a 10 so will wait to see what time brings…or where LOTRO goes…

Game controller …er for LOTRO…brain whirring…

Tis not the suit that maketh the man, tis the joystick!

A LOTRO Forum post old and short…an AID (Alternative Input Device)

Kittykittyboomboom (where art thou? In rift by the looks of it!) from 2012 PS3 controller

I dream of a levitating sphere with full muscle resistance, complete body motion sensing and force feedback with direct visual cortex input and 360 degree sound but at the moment will settle for a gaming mouse with an extra button!


5 Responses to “LOTRO: Wild Street Fighter Ork Bee Star Wit Sponge…”

  1. taltoz July 11, 2014 at 14:34 #

    Don’t know about pet bee’s but how about a pet cloud for your runekeeper, it could even get darker in combat.
    naaaa that would be just plain silly and my pet rock thinks so too (he’s in Proper mood today, just sat there not saying a word 😢 )

    • tsuhelm July 11, 2014 at 14:43 #

      U gotta pet rock too!

      What do you call yours…mine is ‘Ock’…

      Pet cloud for thunder line would be cool…

      • taltoz July 11, 2014 at 16:14 #

        Turbines restrictions sucked all the joy out of naming my rock so now he’s simply Love Nuggets

  2. Silverangel July 11, 2014 at 22:17 #

    Kittykittyboomboom is turning developer and working on an online RPG (yet to be revealed), and…having surgery for a pesky kidney stone. Thanks for the note, Tsuhelm. 🙂 Nice post, too. Do you have a premium wordpress.com account, or have they eased the restrictions on CSS and special formatting on a free account?? Cheers ~ J

    • tsuhelm July 12, 2014 at 06:41 #

      Good luck with developing and that pesky stone!

      Its still a free wp account…i didn{t know there were restrictions…lol.

      nice to hear from ya and thx

      Cheers right back at ya 😉

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