LOTRO: Drum, Dum, Fun!

18 Jul

拉普山小種 #19

Stuff about LOTRO (& Gaming!)


Drum ’emote’ earnt by running the ‘Grand Stairs’

LOTRO Players poetry blog

Dgenxali presents Tolkien poetry 🙂

‘His pointy hat and long beard,
Smoking his pipe weed,
Riding his white steed,
He is loved by all, not feared’

Excerpt from ‘Olorin’ (Gandalf)

I suggested he start a podcast and ended up searching YOUTUBE for spoken work LOTR poetry…I ended up discovering a trove of Christopher Lee songs (some LOTR related):

The Tolkein Ensemble – Song of Gondor

The Magic Of The Wizard’s Dream


Bio Break hooks up with the dum gang on Landy and has fun!

Having fun is important especially in group play…the dums have always been good at it!


Raiding in MMO’s

Burro speaks his mind…

Raids, Instances, Dungeons, Group runs…bash bash, confusing maul….over. Where are the ‘fun’* instances.

*discussion on what is fun only complicates issue?



Wow a MOBA I would try…

…but I would watch a film version too, check out the trailer.

I would kinda like this if the strategies work!
‘Shadow of the Colossus’ esque, can you climb on your base…fight off attackers from your gigantic monster?




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